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When I received my Hogwarts letter, I literally started crying! I was very happy, and I never believed that could happen. When I told my parents aout it, they didn't believe me, and they didn't support me. I'm a muggle-born, and I think that's why they didn't believe me. The day I had to leave for Hogwarts, (wich was at ten in the morning) I asked my parents if they could give me a ride to King's Cross, and they said:
" I already told you, Clara, I'm absolutely not going to drive you there! You are not going to that damn school!"
"Why?" I said.
Then she replied:
"Clara, you're top of your class, if not, of your entire shool, I mean, you have your future planned! And you are telling me, that you want to become a WITCH?!"
"But I don't want to plan my life, I want to have surprises in life. A planned life (career) is such a boring life!I want to do what I want in ife, I want to make choices for myself."
"Fine, Clara, but remeber, you won't have the opportunity to go back! Don't even come home again! And one more thing, I'm not driving you."
"That's completely fine!"
I took my coat and I went outside.

When I arrived at Hogwarts, I felt very shy, because there were so many people I didn't know;But they knew eachother. When I arrived in the Great Hall, there were four long tables, with people in robes. Of course, I knew everything about Hogwarts already, I'm just expressing (weirdly) my surpiseness. When it was my time to get sorted, like everyone else, I was very nervous. The Hat, thought a lttle bit, and then said.
" Hmm.... I can feel strong intelligence, you're witty. And also... a decisive person. Very warmhearted, and very brave. You should be sorted into Ravenclaw.
I said no because i really wanted to be sorted into Gryffindor. Why? Because I really admired their house, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Professor McGonagall, as well as DUmbledore, and the house's achievements. Now I realise that Ravenclaw would have fitted me better, but I also fit gryffindor. The Hat told me that she'll sort me in Gryffindor, but this is only because I fit in both. Because just like Harry Potter, he fitted in both Gryffindor and Slytherin, but more in Slytherin. And I fitted more in Ravenclaw. Now I am first year, in Gryffindor, and I'm very curious to know what will happen next.
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