Sara Lightwood


If I’m not cooped up in the library, you can find me in the astronomy tower, looking at the stars, just don’t tell McGonagall !

  • Joined October 2020
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I’m a 1st Year Ravenclaw student, and here’s a very long summary of my magical life:

Growing up as the oldest and the gifted child in the family, I was naturally sorted into Ravenclaw. The Sorting Hat took its time but decided not to sort me into Slytherin (something i'm sort of pissed about, I didn't get to be with Draco T-T)
Transfiguration and potions have got to be my favourite classes, while flying is definitely my least favourite, I was never naturally gifted at sports. While I tend to be rubbish at the practical side of DADA, I still really enjoy the theory.
I'm a muggle-born; my parents always wanted me to be a doctor. My blood status does get to me from time to time, I'm pretty sure my parents see me as a disappointment, and the wizarding world sees me as 'not magical enough,' which sucks.
My greatest strength is my stubbornness, once I have my mind set on something I won't stop until I reach my goal, whatever it is. I think that's what made it so hard for the Sorting Hat to choose, determination and resilience tend to be more Slytherin-like traits. My greatest weaknesses are really exposed when it comes to my loved ones, I can’t bear to lose them, even if it means the worse for me.
I have no idea what I want to do when I get out of school, honestly, as long as I’m doing something I love waking up to every day. My father drilled it into me from a young age, if you aren’t helping people with what you have, you aren’t really doing anything meaningful in life. I guess the best way to help people would be to become a healer, or an aurour.
I think the most fascinating aspect of magic is the way it doesn’t adhere to the normal rules of physics, it’s totally new, different, a breath of fresh air.

If I’m not cooped up in the library, you can find me in the astrology tower, looking at the stars, just don’t tell McGonagall !
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