Astrid Longbottom

Quidditch Team Captain

Beater for the Slytherin Quidditch team... also Team Captain.

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Eyes: caramel color
Height: 5'5''
Other: light colored freckles on nose and cheeks
Personality: funny, daring, caring (but won't let others know it), trouble maker, hot-headed, smart, witty, very sassy, sarcastic, sly, clever, very ambitious, flirty, confident

Witch Things:
House: Slytherin
Wand: 10 3/4, cherry, veela and unicorn hair
Patronus: black stallion
Boggart: someone I love dying (aka Neville or Draco)

Best Class: Charms
Worst Class: Transfiguration
Favorite Class: Charms
Least Favorite Class: Care of Magical Creatures
Quidditch Position: Beater (Captain in 6th Year)

Best Friends: Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger Friends: most of Slytherin (minus Pansy), Harry Potter, Ron Weasley

'"Longbottom, Astrid!" I glance over at Neville for reassurance. He smiles and gives me a thumbs up. As I walk to the front of the room, so many thoughts and worries are running through my head. I take a seat on the stool and the professor places the Sorting Hat on my head.
"Hmm. Very daring and hot-headed. Also very caring and intelligent. However, most resourceful and ambitious. Best be,
I'm completely astonished. I look at Neville and see that he's just as shocked as I. He smiles his charming smile though as I take my seat at the table of cheering Slytherins.
An older girl pats me on the back and says, "Welcome to the best house ever!" I smile and turn back to Neville. I watch him take a seat on the stool.
The Sorting Hat seems to take a moment to decide before shouting "GRYFFINDOR!" Neville glances over at me and I smile.
I'm happy for him. This is what he's wanted for as long as I can remember. A few more names go by and before I know it, the boy from the train station is taking his seat at the Slytherin table.
"I told you I'd see you around!" The boy with platinum blond hair says. We both smile and turn to watch the rest of the ceremony.'

Life at Hogwarts: So, If you read everything above, you know that I'm in Slytherin. You know my name, my brother, my friends, and my best class. But do you know some of the details? No.You don't. I'll only give you a few details, because my time is very valuable. I have places to be and people to see.
Neville and I have always been inseparable. He's much quieter than I am. When we were both sorted into different houses, it was hard on him. Before we started going to Hogwarts, Neville and I would talk every night before bed. He would make his famous hot chocolate (which many people don't know about) and we would sit by the fire talking for hours until we were both tired enough to sleep. Neville enjoyed that time because he would get to listen to my hopes and dreams. I enjoyed that time because I got to listen to Neville's worries and fears. Ever since Neville and I could talk, we'd been doing this.
I had gotten so used to it that when we started at Hogwarts, I couldn't sleep. I needed Neville's hot cocoa. I needed to make sure he was alright. I needed to tell him I was alright.
The first day of classes, during breakfast, I found Neville and asked him how he slept, you know the good sisterly types of questions. He admitted that he didn't sleep very well because we weren't able to talk. I admitted the same. We finally came up with a plan: Neville would give me the Gryffindor common room password and that way I could meet him by the fire and talk with him about our days. The Gryffindors aren't as strict with who is allowed in their common room as the Slytherins are so this plan worked out fine. That is until Draco Malfoy (my best Slytherin friend) found out about it. He would always ask me if the two of us could talk rather than me going to talk with Neville.
Eventually, Neville and I decided that we didn't need to stay up and talk every night, so I stopped going to the Gryffindor common room as regularly as I had been. Draco and I started talking more, Neville and I started talking less.
As I said earlier, Neville and I have been basically inseparable since birth so it's not like we drifted apart, we just didn't talk as often.
Draco and I became closer and closer. He was my best friend (besides Neville). We would study together. Eat together. Watch Quidditch games together. We sat next to each other in every class. We eventually became inseparable. If Draco was seen, I was no doubt close behind. If I was seen, Draco was near.
That's all you get to know for now. Maybe if we become better friends and I trust you more, I'll tell you more. I am, however, going to end with this little fact: Draco Malfoy asked me to the yule ball two years ago and we've been dating ever since so...

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