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I am in the House of Slytherin, and before I was sorted, the Sorting Hat announced to the Great Hall that I was the most powerful witch or wizard he has seen since Merlin. It was an immediate decision. My favorite classes are charms and potions. My least favorite is care for magical creatures. I also do well in history of magic, but I don't love the class. I am a pureblood. I am definitely treated better because of it. I wasn't in the UK during the reign of Voldemort, I was living in Crema, Italy with no knowledge of the wizarding world. My greatest strength is my ability to get what I want. I am confident and witty, so that helps me in all areas of life. My greatest weakness is that I have a lot going on, so it's hard for me to get all of my classes done. After I finish school, I would like to become an auror. The most fascinating aspect of magic to me is definitely inherent powers, such as parseltongue and metamorphmagus (I have both of these traits). I want to use magic to help others, and I use my power for the benefit of the greater good. If I'm being honest, I really want love and a family one day. I have a cat named Crimson. She's not the nicest, but she is loyal. My mother and father both attended Hogwarts, and were great wizards of their time. My father is an auror, and my mother was one of the best seekers the school had ever seen.
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