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Becoming a Slytherin was the beginning of an evolving domino effect that disturbed my place at Hogwarts; considering I came from a pureblood family of Gryffindors. As much as it ruptured my family's status as loyal and trustworthy citizens within Hogwarts, my parents never felt the need to disown me as they believed everything is done for a reason. I honestly have no hatred within me, but I guess as time goes by things may change, and the answers to my questions will come. The only connection I have to Slytherin within my family is being a distant relative to Andromeda Tonks, my third cousin.
There was a lot of pressure on following the right crowd and my favourable Gryffindor qualities still have most students questioning why I became a Slytherin. Professor McGonagall describes me as one of the few all rounder students in Hogwarts as she believes I am equally intelligent, athletic and a thrill seeker. Her and I have a silent bond between each other which we both stubbornly deny considering we are so opposite, according to the brand our house gives us.
My favourite subjects are astronomy, potions and divination and I hope to one day use these subjects to help other wizards and witches within Hogwarts. My energy is coordinately shared between studying, quidditch practice and time with others or myself, so i'll probably be very difficult to locate if you ever need me. My pet is a tawny owl called bubs and my wand is Laurel wood with a dragon heartstring core, 11 ½". I hope when we meet, I don't scare you off because of my status and house, Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances :)
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