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"Salutations! I'm Nicole A. Nettlewood, but most call me by my surname or Cole. It's an honor to be here, and I can't wait to meet you all sometime."

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"My dearest salutations to those that have visited my profile. My name is Nicole Nettlewood, but please refer to my surname, Nettlewood, or Cole for future reference. Although I am indeed a first year at Hogwarts, I've had plenty of experience studying dragons and otherwordly creatures through my mother & her extensive 'Beasts and Boggarts' sessions. Her family's from Romania, the lot of them."

"Shortly after receiving my acceptance letter from my trusty owl Bronwyn, I patrolled Diagon Alley with my father and successfully bought our books. While he was conversing with some other Gryffindors, I'd ended up sneaking off to Weasely's Wizard Wheezes to cop some Spellcheck Quills from the shelves.
The Hogwarts Express was certainly entertaining as well, I'd found myself a compartment with some of the other first years, and quickly came to acquaintance myself with them."

"Once sorted into my house and promptly arriving at Hogwarts, I found it a pleasant surprise to be able to so proudly flaunt my house traits among other Slytherins, similarly to how my mother acted around her own friends while she attended Hogwarts. Between studying for my Defense Against the Dark Arts class, I make a point to familiarize myself with the students of Slytherin, among other houses. I've deducted that Ravenclaws tend to be quite tolerable when they aren't glued to a book. Hufflepuffs are decent as well, I suppose."

"My family's pureblood. On my father's side, the dreadful essence of Gryffindor glimmers through them all; family reunions are as catastrophic as you might expect. Although my mother's side of the family hardly ever practiced DADA, I've always seemed to have a knack for it. My Pop calls the class rubbish, but I drowned out his concerned hesitance and pursue the class either way. Never close to my father's side, I was."

"No bother; either way, I suppose a short recap may suit your desire to know more about me. If so, look no further than below..."


Physical Description: [["You can see, can't you?"]] Dark brown, wavy hair adorned with blond-ish streaks; light brown eyes; typically seen plastered with bandages from extensive training for DADA classes; various layered outfits when not sporting her typical robes; black-rimmed glasses (on occasion); fair, sensitive skin that blushes easily.

Mental Description: A bit of an a** when needs to be; resourceful; competitive; self-preserving; disloyal; witty; ambitious; exhibits a certain disregard for the rules; honest (most commonly brutal); perceptive; considerate of those she calls her friends; a desire to always look her best. Her negative traits tend to outweigh her positives— nevertheless, she makes an effort to remain true to those close to her, and tries her best to gather as much respect from her teachers and peers as she can muster. It just so happens that Nettlewood isn’t always the nicest Slytherin.

Sexuality: Bisexual & Asexual (although she often flirts, it takes her quite a bit of time to get attached to a specific person).

Hobbies: Studying in the Slytherin Common Room; scoping out the Restricted section of the Hogwarts Library; getting into all sorts of shenanigans with friends; visiting the Black Lake; teasing the unsuspecting Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.

Favorite Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts [["Who doesn't fall to the charms of Prof. Penrose?"]]

Least Favorite Subject: Potions/Chemistry [["Eugh, I can't fathom anyone enjoying chemistry. How can you like something that looks so muggy and distasteful? I'd rather kiss a Dementor than take another sip of someone's damned Amortentia Potion."]]

Enrolled Courses:Care of Magical Creatures; Charms; Defense Against The Dark Arts; Magical Art; Potions

Likes: Reading; writing; DADA; Hungarian Horntails; werewolves; Prof. R. J. Lupin; Prof. Snape; fellow Slytherins; Butterbeer; learning about Unforgiveable Curses and Horcruxes; competing in Quidditch games, praying her house succeeds.

Dislikes: When Gryffindor succeeds at anything remotely notable; Apparating; Prof. Slughorn; Prof. Moody; toads; insects.

Patronus: Wolf

Wand: A pinewood wand with a phoenix-feather core. Supple flexibility, 12 1/2 inches.

Animaegus: Red Wolf


-Delilah Hawthorne
-Lilly Grindent
-Gracie Adams
-Joshua Altman
-Sophia Invidia Drame
-Julia Woodward
-Amy Harrington

Relationship Status: Single

Boggart: Death (or a creature/person/symbol depicted as death)


"A sincerest thank you for reading through my story, and your longing to know more about me. Hoping to meet you in the future."

~Nicole A. Nettlewood

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