Claire Likens

Student, Slytherin Chaser

Life sucks for everybody not just you so cool it

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Name: Claire Likens
Blood Status: Half blood
House: Slytherin
Age: 17
Zodiac sign/ birthday month: Aquarius/Febuary
Height: 5'6"
Quidditch: Chaser
Dating Status- Single (for now)
Sexuality- Straight (enough)
Wand Type: Hazel Wood with dragon heartstring core 12 inches and quite bendy flexibility
Pets: Aron-Owl , Cole-Puppy
Patronus: Stoat
Cool magical feature: Metamorphmagus

I have short hair usually and I mostly keep my hair a green-ish blue colored hair with dark brown hair as the base. Sometimes my hair changes by my emotions but I can usually control that. I wear glasses (sometimes contacts) and have pierced ears.

red- Angry
blond/yellow- happy or a little too excited
brown- bored
light green- ready for something
dark green/blue- normal
purple- afraid
pink- embarrassed
white- shocked
grey- depressed and shows it
bright blue or navy- sad
(The more saturated the hair color it is the more emotion there is to it)
The Base of my hair can vary. Sometimes it is brown or grey and maybe not.

Stuff about me:
Hi! I am the only Slytherin in my family and i've always been taught to be kind to other students and act like they are the same as you. My father was a Hufflepuff and my mother a Gryffindor. My older sister is a Ravenclaw and my older brother is in Gryffindor. I am a Slytherin who tries their best and tries to help whenever I can. I really hope I can become friends with all the houses! My friends always say they don't want to mess with me because I am really good at duels and advance in spells. I may be a Slytherin but my owl Aron is personally a Gryffindor. I am an advanced student spells and Transfiguration but struggles on History of magic. I am also a chaser on the Slytherin team for Hogwarts Quidditch. I also play a muggle sport called basketball. If you have any questions please owl me!

Things to be aware of:

I have anger and trust issues
I can be very violent
Judge me if you would like but don’t expect me not to fight back
Good at duels and spells but if needed I will fist fight
Mess with me and you will regret it
Usually a fair player
Sometimes wild
Has extreme anxiety
(Up for some RP with anybody)

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