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What Hogwarts House were you sorted into, and why did the Sorting Hat make that selection? Were you a hatstall (where it took the Sorting Hat a long time to decide) or was the decision immediate? What classes do (or did) you like the most? Which did you like the least? Any classes you did well in but didn’t particularly enjoy? Are you a muggleborn, a half-blood or pureblood? How has your blood status affected your life in the Wizarding World? If you were in the UK during either time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power, what was that like? What is your greatest strength? More importantly, what is your greatest weakness? What are you looking to do after you finish school? If you’ve graduated, have you found your dream job? What do you feel is the most fascinating aspect of magic? Do you want to use magic to help others, or to further your own ends? If you are being honest with yourself, what do you really want? Do you have any pets? What’s their name, and how do they act? Is there anything interesting about your family? Any oddities or disagreements?

I am a pureblood sorted into Ravenclaw via hatsall. I excelled in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Magical Creatures. I prefer to be in the Wizarding World as that is where I can be myself and am most comfortable. Being in the world of muggles is quite stifling, but I do enjoy being with muggles themselves. Particularly those that are aware of who I am and where I'm from. I was at Hogwarts when Voldemort (I choose not to give him credence) rose to power. Those were dark and foreboding times indeed, but we gathered together with our strength and defeated him. My greatest strength and my greatest weakness are the same; empathy. It is my desire to help others that gives me strength, but sometimes it can drain my powers and it takes a long time for me to regain my powers. After graduating I was absolutely ecstatic to be given a job here with Hogwarts and I've remained here since. The most fascinating part of magic is how it can be used to help others in need. I could never use it for harm, unless in the case of Voldemort or his minions. I have an English Bulldog who goes by Tyrion. He is sweet, handsome, energetic, and demands attention. I am the last left in my family, other than a cousin that I rarely speak with I lost any during the war with Voldemort. She was a supporter of Voldemort and is currently spending the rest of her time in Azkaban.
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