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If no one realizes you are there, why would your absence make a difference? No advertising on my wall without permission

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<font face = pacifico> <font color = red> Name: Cathy Emma Justine
Other accounts: Callie Granger, Lily Maurice (do not call me Callie or Lily in this account)
Nicknames: Ca (friends), Cath (friends), Em (everyone), Ma (everyone), Tine (ask), CM (ask)
Best Friend : Princess Isabelle JPotter

Sexuality: Single girl straight, but I can be attracted to girls (rare case, but it happened)
Birthday: January 13

<font color = red>Age: adolescent
House: Gryffindor

<font color = red>Family: One sister, Rosalie
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, caring for animals, playing music

<font color = red>Likes: Dancing, singing, being with nature, animals, friends.
Dislikes: coffee, blood hearts
Blood: Half-blood
Personality: Kind, Intelligent, Loyal, faithful, honest, confident, beautiful (in my opinion)
Body type: brown eyes, curly brown hair, plus size (like Hermione Granger)
Wand: dragon ventricle, 27.30 centimeter, very flexible, vine wood
Patronus: Hare
Animagus: Cat, dog, rabbit
Fear: spider, losing my friends, death
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