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Welcome! Let me know if you want to RP. I'm having some health issues at the moment so replies are slow but I'm always down to RP

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«Roleplay Rules»

- I am in Eastern Standard Time and usually reply at night 

- My answers don't always go through. If you haven't heard from me in two days then please resend your reply

 - Do not take control of my character

 -if you want to end an RP, please just tell me

 - I am open to mature roleplaying with: sex, fighting, swearing, violence, child abuse, suicide, eating disorders 

-No asterisks to describe actions

«Roleplay Characters»


Ezra Jericho


“Sometimes, surviving is the worst kind of pain” -Unknown

- Who: A sixth-year Gryffindor

- Nicknames: Ez, Brother Bear

- Looks: Long brown hair, tan skin, blue eye, missing right eye and tip of right ear

Lineage: A half-blood. Has a younger sister in her first year, a Hufflepuff.

-Background: When Ezra was school supply shopping for his second year, he got caught up in a Death Eater raid. He took a blasting curse to the face that took his right eye and the tip of his ear

-Family: Ezra's mother died in childbirth giving birth to her youngest child, Camila. Camila is eleven and is a first-year Hufflepuff. The two Jericho children live with their father, Paul.

-Personality: Ezra is outgoing and will fight for what he believes is right. He is not a fan of those with known Death Eater ties. He struggles to cast with no depth perception but takes the younger Gryffindors under his wing and protects them

-Identity: Male/Bisexual

-Face Claim: Chandler Riggs 


Amara Cherale


"I'm not the jealous type, but what's mine is mine. End of story." -Unknown

-Who: A fourth-year Gryffindor

-Nicknames: Mars, Marsbar

-Looks: Brown hair with a blue sheen, pale skin with freckles scattered throughout, and murky blue eyes. She's tall and lithe.

-Lineage: She's an orphan. She will not speak beyond that

-Background: Nobody is really sure about where Amara came from or what her blood background is. All they know is how much she smokes to calm down

-Personality: She's distant and cold to everyone. If someone manages to wiggle close to her, she becomes possessive and protective to an extreme. She gets aggressive and is manipulative

-Identity: Female/Lesbian

-Face Claim: Drew Hallucineon 


Natalie Faris

-Who: A seventeen-year-old Gryffindor

-Nicknames: Nat, Talie, Nattie

-Looks: Curly orange hair, freckles, hazel eyes

-Lineage: Lost her parents at age eight shortly after moving from Greece.

-Backstory: She lost her parents in a shooting gone wrong. She was bounced around foster homes, an outcast for being Greek. Got picked up by Snape when she was eleven for schooling.

-Personality: She's bold and brash, and argues about almost everything. She stands up for the little people and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

-Identity: She/ lesbian

-Face Claim: Erin Kellyman



Pollux Derwent


“Brothers aren’t simply close; brothers are knit together.” -Robert Rivers

- Who: A sixth-year Ravenclaw

-Nicknames: Pollux refuses to have nicknames except with his brother who calls him Pol

-Looks: A fair-skinned boy with platinum blond hair that often falls in his eyes. His eyes are light hazel. He is the average height for his age but stands tall and regal.

-Lineage: A pureblood. Has a twin brother named Castor with long hair. His brother is a gay Slytherin with a boyfriend.

-Background: His parents are Death Eaters. He and his brother are expected to follow in their footsteps. They were raised in a strict household. Pollux has a dark mark on his left forearm.

-Family: Pollux was born with a twin brother, Castor, Pollux being the older of the two. They live with their parents, Abraham and Sasha Derwent. 

-Personality: Pollux can appear cold and distant to everyone but his brother. But deep down, he is very protective of those he cares about and would even kill for them.

-Identity: Male/Straight

-Face Claim: Paul Craddock 



Thomas Peterson


"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice." -Bob Marley

-Who: A fifth-year Hufflepuff

-Nicknames: Tom, Tommy

-Looks: Curly brown hair, brown eyes, scar on right side of the mouth

-Lineage: Orphan from a muggle orphanage.

-Background: He's been an orphan since birth. Never knew his parents.

-Family: He never knew his parents.

-Personality: He is outgoing and excitable. He loves charms. He is a genius and learns at years above his. Absolutely loves sweets.

-Identity: Male/Straight

-Face Claim: Tom Holland 


Jieun Shi

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” ― Voltaire

-Who: A fifteen-year-old Hufflepuff

-Nicknames: Ji -Looks: Inky black hair and pale skin. Short and skinny. Her torso is covered in scars.

-Lineage: Jieun was adopted from Korea

-Background: Jieun was adopted from Korea and got into martial arts and fighting. She’s known at the ‘bad boy’ Hufflepuff and whispers say she should have been put into Slytherin

-Family: Her adoptive mother 

-Personality: She is quiet and doesn't speak her mind very much. She loves physical contact, whether its hugs or holding hands. That doesn't mean she can't put a man down a man with the twitch of her hand or is overly cautious.

-Identity: She/Pansexual

-Face Claim: Lee Joo Young 



Finneas Nikoli


“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

-Who: A sixth-year Slytherin

-Nicknames: Finn, Nik -Looks: Long curly dark hair, dark eyes, freckles. Tall and scrawny for his age. Has a tattoo of a dragon on his left arm.

-Lineage: A pureblooded boy with Italian origins.

-Background: Finneas was groomed from a young age to be the next owner of a large wizarding company his parents owned.

-Family: He is the sole child of Aphestus and Chiara 

-Personality: He is quiet and doesn't lower himself to be playful in fear of word getting back to his parents. Is smart, preferring to spend his time playing chess.

-Identity: Male/Bi

-Face Claim: Finn Wolfhard 


Louis Northcott


"We've fought hard not to die, yet we don't know how to live" -Emilie Autumn

-Who: A nineteen-year-old Slytherin Alumni

-Nicknames: Lo, Lou -Looks: Dark wavy hair, dark green eyes, pale complexion.

Has tattoo sleeves on both arms depicting various snakes. Covers up various scars on his forearms from his father

-Lineage: A half-blood who lost his parents

-Background: He lost his parents in his last year of school. Instead of finding his own way, he became an apprentice to Professor Flitwick in dueling and helps teach whatever the students want to know

-Personality: He is cold and calculating. Values knowledge over all else and absolutely abhors child abuse

-Identity: Male/Bi, Male preference

-Face Claim: Cole Sprouse 


Artemis Apollec


“Family is not defined by our genes, it is built and maintained through love.” —Amalia G

-Who: A seventeen-year-old prophet in Slytherin

-Nicknames: The Prophet

-Looks: Hair buzzed on the sides and long on top, pale skin from not seeing the sunlight and cloudy brown eyes. There is a circular red scar on both of her temples from electro-shock therapy.

-Lineage: Abandonded by her family when she was five.

-Backstory: Ever since she was little, she saw things that nobody else could see. A bit of a problem since she was mostly blind in both eyes. She would scream about a war and snake-man ever since she was little and was dropped off at a psychiatric hospital and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and disassociative personality disorder. Her nurse got in contact with the ministry when they recognized the signs of magic. She was a prophet and saw the future through visions. Her impaired eyesight makes her need more help but she doesn’t let it get in the way of accomplishing magic.

-Family: None

-Personality: She can't see more than a foot or two in front of her so she clings to people she trusts to guide her. She hates wearing shoes and was taught to hide her emotions in the psychiatric hospital she was raised in. But she's fiercely loyal and protective.

-Identity: She/Lesbian

-Face Claim: Amra Cerkezovic 


>>Where I post other Fanfiction<<

Here are some links to check out more of my writing!

>>Books I Have Written In The Library<<

Title: Ocean Eyes

Summary: It was prophesized that a young boy with tainted blood would one day rise up to destroy Dumbledore. The leader of the light sets out to place the child somewhere that he knows the child will never learn of magic or gain enough experience to destroy him. Dumbledore, leader of the light, places that child in Azkaban. He never expects the child to slip through the bars and greet the Death Eaters still there. Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Calder Blackwell/Pollux Lestrange Faceclaim:



Title: The Dark Orphan

 Summary: An ancestry potion in Snape’s class turns a second year Hufflepuff orphan’s life on it’s head. She figures out who her parents are and suddenly the whole school turns against her, even the teachers. Only the Slytherin’s and Professor Snape do not. Suddenly, Slytherin isn’t sticking up only for their own, but for the one lone Hufflepuff who never knew what it was like to have a family. After all, she was the goddaughter to the two most powerful people on the dark side; Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange.

Lyra Selwyn/Mia Aspen Faceclaim:



Title: The Child in the Suitcase

 Summary: Newt knows how cruel the muggles can be to wizards and witches. He's heard of the terrible things that they've done. He's even witnessed firsthand that abuse that they would share for the child who steps even a foot out of line and does something 'freaky'. Elizabeth Dorvac was no exception. Newt watches her display the same symptoms as the Sudanese girl before she turned to an obscurus permanently. Not wanting another child dead when he could have done something, Newt manages to get the girl to go with him and teach her to not be afraid of magic. It's a year later now and they're on their way to Arizona to release Frank, but first Newt must make a stop in New York.

Elizabeth Dorvac/Eli Scamander Faceclaim:


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