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I'm always up for conversations, so post something on my wall or send me an owl if you want to be friends with an incredible annoying fangirl xx

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hey y'all ^^ if you want to chat or be friends, just post something on my wall or send me an owl, I'm always up for conversations!


-Who am I-
I'm a muggleborn Slytherin, which is...weird, I know. But you can't change who you are! Gosh, I sound like a freaking therapist or something xD
Anyway, when I got my Hogwarts letter, my parents were really surprised, but I've always known that there was more in me than just a Muggle (btw I have nothing against Muggles, they're the only reason I'm able to take Hogwarts classes online because wonderful technology ^^ (oh, and thanks for Netflix, too))
I live physically in germany, but my heart belongs to every country that has English as its native language, 'cause german sucks. Besides Muggle school and Hogwarts I do Judo and play the recorder (and I'm gonna start playing violin soon). I love reading books, watching movies/shows and writing fanfiction (I'd love to give you my account data, but since there are hardly any Germans here, it makes no sense).
I'm incredible lazy when it comes to things that have to do with Muggle school, but I give 110% at my magical education. As long as I have enough coffee and food I'm quite friendly and won't hex you. But if you talk to me a few times, prepare yourself for an annoying fangirl, that can't shut tf up :)

-my Hogwarts studies-
I'm not good at focusing on many things at the same time. That's why I'm not doing more than two courses at the same time. Right now I'm working on Herbology and don't have many lessons left.
Course Average: 91% - O
If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask!

-me as a fangirl-
If you wanna talk to me and be friends, but don't know a topic you can talk about, just check out my favourite fandoms and characters. I'm sure we're gonna find something to chat about ^^

(Things with a star * are my comfort movies/characters etc. means the things that help me when I'm down.)

favourite books:
Harry Potter (obviously)
the Hunger Games
Skulduggery Pleasant*

favourite movies:
IT 2017 & 2019* (If you like It or Stephen King in general pls contact me lol)
Marvel-Movies (Avengers 1*, Iron Man Trilogy*, Thor: Ragnarok*)
Star Wars
Knives Out
Diseny-Movies (Tangled*, Merida* and Tarzan are my favourites)
How to train your dragon*
Ice Age
Pirates of the Caribbean
the Greatest Showman*
Phantastic Beasts
Now you see me
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban*

favourite shows:
Sherlock BBC
How I Met Your Mother**
How to get away with murder
New Girl
Once Upon a Time
Dance Academy*

favourite characters/crushes:
Richie Tozier******** (he's my favourite thing in the entire world tbh)
Eddie Kaspbrak**
Hermione Granger
Draco Malfoy
Harry Potter*
Ron Weasley* (he's my spirit animal)
Skulduggery Pleasant*
Dexter Vex
Tony Stark
Natasha Romanoff*
Clint Barton*
Bucky Barnes*
Sherlock & Mycroft Holmes
Barney Stinson*
Magnus Bane
Jasper Cullen
Flynn Ryder
Ransome Drysdale
Happy Quinn
Toby Curtis

favourite ships:

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