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Heya, I'm Sam! I'm so excited to learn all that I can here at Hogwarts, and I hope to make plenty of new friends along the way!

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Heya! I'm Sam. I'm a first year Ravenclaw. I was a bit shocked to be in Ravenclaw, because I'm the first from my family (both my mother and my father were in Gryffindor, and quite a lot of my extended family was in Hufflepuff), but the more I think about it, the more I understand the Sorting Hat's choice. I mean, I did read all the books on the syllabus before school even started...

Anyways, I'm eager to learn and happy to help other folks out, too! I love helping other people feel the same excitement that I do about school, and I'm definitely not that competitive, so don't worry about me turning you down if you ever want any help with your homework. I'm particularly good at Charms, Herbology and DADA.

I'm a big animal lover, so choosing a pet to bring to Hogwarts was tough! I especially love cats and frogs, although I've never owned any of the magical types of either species. After some long and hard consideration, I brought my pet frog here as my school pet--his name is Gibby. Like I said earlier, he's not magical. I guess he doesn't really have a purpose other than to look cute, but that's fine by me. My sister has an owl, anyways, so if I ever need mail delivered then I just borrow.

Maybe I should tell you a little bit about my life before Hogwarts. Both my parents are wizards, however, they both work Muggle jobs. My father works as a Muggle accountant (how boring, right?), and my mother teaches at a Muggle primary school. This means that I have lived in a Muggle community for my entire life. I've always known of the existence of magic, but it's not used too frequently in my household.

When the Great War began to affect the lives of ordinary wizards like my family, my parents decided that it would be safer to move to the Americas for the foreseeable future, where the situation was not as severe. This created a problem with my schooling: because we had an official residency in the UK and both my parents had gone to Hogwarts, I was eligible for enrollment at this school. However, because I now lived in America, I was also eligible to go to the American wizarding school, and the Hogwarts letter was having a hard time finding me--both because of the Great War and the fact that my family had purposefully not given anyone our new address, for security purposes.

Luckily, before I had to make a final decision on where I would go to school, the Great War ended. Our house in the UK hadn't even sold yet, so we moved back in and waited for my Hogwarts letter. It was delayed for quite some time (I'm sure all of my moving around over the past couple of years didn't help it get to me any quicker), but I finally received it after a few long months of waiting. Of course, that leads me to where I am now: here at Hogwarts!

Alright, that's enough about me.

I'd love to meet some new friends! If I'm not in class, you'll probably find me outside by the lake, hanging out in the Great Hall or chilling/doing homework in the common room. Stop by and say hi sometime!!
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