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i am here to make friends and talk to my family :)

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Hello! My name is Mia Malfoy and I am a Slytherin.. and proud :)) I'm not as mean as my brother Draco, but does not mean I can't be. Please do not underestimate me. If you come and talk to me for the first time and I seem...moody, please do not pay attention to it, I'm not that bad haha. I've just had a.. troubled childhood. But I am happy to become friends with you if you are willing to treat me with the amount of respect I will give to you :)) Now I am 16, I am ready to get into the real world and start LIVING!!

About my childhood:
I grew up at Malfoy Manor, the magnificent mansion in Wiltshire which had been in my family’s possession for many centuries. From the time when i could talk, it was made clear to me that I was 'triply special' as my mother would say: firstly as a witch, secondly as a pure-blood, and thirdly as a member of the Malfoy family. From a young age I heard stories of the Boy Who Lived through my farther, Lucius Malfoy, and I was amazed. I was raised in an atmosphere of regret that the Dark Lord had not succeeded in taking command of the wizarding community, although I was prudently reminded that such sentiments ought not to be expressed outside the small circle of the family and their close friends ‘or Daddy might get into trouble’.

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