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My story:
I was born February 29, 2008. I was abandoned by my parents at a very young age. The only thing that was left with me was my twin sister Nya and two letters from my mother. Mine explained that she was my mother, that her name was Ellie Dowson and that my father was a muggle. She said that her and my father was a one night thing and that she was not ready to be a mother. She said my name was Sage Dowson and that I was born on February 29, 2008. She explained that with all the stress she lived when she was captured by death eaters in 1997 to scare the wizards, she couldn’t handle the stress of having a daughter. She said that in 1997, death eaters captured her when she was only 13. They tried to convince her to join Voldemort but she refused! When Harry defeated Voldemort, it took 3 days before the ministry found her. She was terrified, hungry and thirsty. She was so young that it took her 11 years and more for the nightmares to disappear.

I was found by an unknown wizard who left me on the doorstep of a muggle family. This family took great care of me and my sister. When weird stuff started happening to me, they ignored it because they said they were considences. However, when my sister started to make things float, they were about to bring us to a scientis. That's when, the neighbor interfered! She knew about the wizarding world because her sister was a muggle born and went to Hogwarts. She explained everything to us. I got my Hogwarts letter and here I am!
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