Daniel Fern


My alone time is sometimes YOUR safety.

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Name: Daniel Fern

Nickname: Danny

Sexuality: Pansexual

Age: 11-18 (depends on rp).

Height: 5'8"

Birthday: June 8th

Gender/Pronouns: Female (She/Her)

Blood-Status: Half-Blood

Year: First Year

-Length: 12 in.
-Wood: English Wood Oak
-Core: Dragon Heart-String
-Flexibility: Surprising Swishy Flexibility.

Likes: The Library, Quietness, Card Games, The Cold

Hates: Concerts, Loudness, Physical Activities/Games

Pet(s): Black-Widow Spider (Jack), Tabby Cat (Lily)

Patronus: Owl
Boggart: Death

Character Description (aka how they look): Daniel has really long blonde hair that is tied up in a pig-tail style, Daniel also has dark brown eyes that is usually behind glasses.

Personality: Daniel is a quiet, shy kid who doesn't really talk to anyone. She avoid any type of confrontation since she's not comfortably with the way she talked because she stutter and can't say certain words making her a target to bullying by some Slytherins. Despite being in Ravenclaw, she has a bad memory and zones out while the teacher are teaching hence her getting bad grades. But overall she gets more talkative the more you hang out with her. When she's angry, she'll abandoned her quiet, shy nature and start having a violent, rude personality.

Background/Additional Information: Before Daniel came to Hogwarts, she was also bullied at her old schools. When she got her Hogwarts letter, she thought that all the bullying would go away but she was wrong. Since she was bullied for living in a muggle neighborhood, she usually stays in the library or the Ravenclaw common room but does go to the Great Hall often for food.

Hogwarts Grade~
DADA: Dreadful
Charms: Exceeds Expectations
Herbology: Outstanding
Potions: Exceeds Expectations
Transfiguration: Acceptable
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