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I was sorted into Slytherin AND Hufflepuff. I think the had chose that because I can me emotion-less and very goofy. It took the Sorting hat a long time to decide since I was sorted into two houses. My favorite classes are Potions and Astronomy. The problem is that I hate potions but hate it at the same time. I am very good at Divination but I hate it. I am muggle-born which is the reason Draco Malfoy hates me although I wish we could be friends. The time that Voldemort (I'm not scared of him) came back, I was annoyed at how he still didn't have a nose. My greatest strength is being able to tell how someone is feeling, most of the time I use it for good but sometimes, I take advantage of it. My biggest weakness is the fact that everyone is jealous of me and it hurts me too. When I finish school I would love to study muggles, I know I've lived with them for most of my life but they are still very interesting. The best part of magic is the fact that you can do the impossible with it! I would love to help others with my magic but at one point I'll use it for bad. If I'm being honest, I would love to make people suffer for what they did. :) I also have a dragon as a pet, their name is Gomita which is "Gummy" in Latinx. Something interesting about my family is that I've told them about magic. They now support Lord Voldemort and I do a little bit too since I have no choice.
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