Emily Cork


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A muggle-born witch, she never knew about magic. She attended a muggle school and was severely bullied for her smarts. When she got her letter, her parents tried to decline it, in fear that it was a prank from one of her bullies, saying “Platform 9 3/4 doesn’t exist!” But, despite what her parents said, she went to Diagon Alley, desperate to get away from her muggle school. While walking around Diagon Ally, searching for Ollivanders to get her wand, she ran into Luna Lovegood and her daughter, Lily. She skimmed through her history book before meeting her, realizing she was THE Luna Lovegood! She shook hands and started to become friends with Lily. Once September 1st came, Luna and Lily showed her how to get to Platform 9 3/4, after her parents walked off, laughing at her saying, "Have fun trying to find a platform that doesn't exist!". Once on the train, she sat next to Lily and became closer than before. They talked about Hogwarts and what their parents are like. They also read The Quibbler on the train. They got off and got on the boat together. She was nervous but definitely excited. She gazed around the Great Hall, looking at the ceiling. She heard someone talking about how it's just bewitched to look like the night sky. She and Lily anxiously waited for their turn. Once her name was called, she walked up and sat on the seat. Due to her being very loyal but very creative and smart, she caused a hat stall. The anxiousness built up inside her, until the sorting hat shouted out, "RAVENCLAW!" She walked over to the table, hoping Lily gets sorted with her. Luckily, she was sorted in Ravenclaw like her mom, and she ran over and sat next to her. She likes Hogwarts and her favorite subject is Charms, DADA, and Potions. She's sad every summer to come, but she loved and missed her family.
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