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I never thought I would be sorted into Slytherin, but apparently it was an obvious choice as the sorting hat chose straight away. I guess I've always had an interest in defence against the dark arts, and luckily for me I excel at it. Flying is another favourite, although I'm yet to join the quidditch team. I would say Herbology is the most boring of them all, although I am somehow doing well at it. Being a half-blood hasn't always been easy. We aren't picked on as much as the muggleborn, but are definitely not treated as well as the purebloods... at least at Hogwarts anyway. If I had to pick, my greatest strength would be my spell casting as it's my favourite thing to do... I do it all the time. However my greatest weakness? Well, if I had to pick, it would be my courage... or lack of. When I finish Hogwarts I would love to work for the ministry. It would just be amazing working with all those powerful witches and wizards. Failing that, I would work as a teacher in Hogwarts, and be head of Slytherin house of course. The most fascinating thing about magic is the mechanics behind it. How does it work? How does these spells, this energy appear out of something made from a tree? The only pet I have is grey owl called Libby. She's brilliant! if you treat her with respect she will treat you with respect. She's super smart too!
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