Alexandra Marchenko

DADA Professor in Durmstrang

•Powerful Slavic witch •Cursed from birth •Member of the Durmstrang Teaching faculty •Receiving a second magical degree in Hogwarts •Magical Painter

  • Joined September 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 125 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Ukraine


I was born on an exceptionally cold summer day of July 1997 in Kyiv, Ukraine into a pureblood wizarding family, which has a long history of Dark Arts and being associated with dark magic. From day one it was quite obvious that I have been cursed by those, who my family has wronged. However at the same time it has been noted that I have a lot of power and talent. Not only did I start conjuring hard spells at a young age, I also solved the familial puzzle in shortest amount of time possible, cracking the code using some sort of unknown branch of magic.

As soon as I could speak and write - I was sent into Durmstrang to begin my education. I was only 5 and became the youngest Durmstrang student of all time, beating the previous 7yo student that attended several decades before. In my education I mostly focused on DADA, Transfiguration, Charms and Potions, Herbology. I was at the top of several classes and was very focused on my studies as not to disappoint my parents, who were so proud of me being such a talent from birth. As well as primary studies, I lead several student clubs and in my last two years of study - became a prefect of my year. After completion of my studies - I was almost immediately offered the position of a DADA professor, becoming the youngest professor in Durmstrang so far. While also being a teacher here, I was sent to Hogwarts to observe the educational program here, as in to modernise and revolutionise school material over here.

I had to step down for a whole semester to try and break a familial curse placed on me and my other family members, since my own mother tragically passed away after months of suffering from the effects of the curse. I was unsuccessful in finding the castor of it, leading me to believe that the person is hiding away somewhere out of my reach or they are deceased and long gone from this world. Because of this I cannot find a method to lift it which means that my days are numbered, but I am not loosing hope until I find the solution. To redeem my family's name and attract the potential curse castor - I decided to engage in acts of altruism and philanthropy, as well as cooperated with Ministries of Magic in different countries, introducing new laws, protection programs and public services for those who may be in need.

This may sound as a lot of tasks for someone of my age, but this life chose me and I must obey, so that no future generations of my family would suffer any longer.

I do not have a husband/wife, nor any prospective suitor. I chose a life of solitude as not to endanger others. I am not looking for friends or family. I am good as I am - alone, but successful and ambitious.

Contact me only if you know anything about the familial curse or if you have questions about my areas of specialty.

Physical appearance:
Platinum blonde hair, fair complexion, dark brown eyes, slim and tall posture (6'3'').

Hobbies: history of magic, muggle world studies, magical painting, herbology

Dragon heartstring core
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