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I'm one of the cousins of the famous Weasley family in Britain. My grandfather had a falling out with his sister Molly (my great aunt) after she expressed concerns about my father moving to the United States with a No-Magborn he fell in love with. My grandfather left disregarding her concerns and they cut contact once he was overseas. He moved to the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina and started his life there with his love. They settled down and had two daughters and one son. That son ended up being my father. My father had also fallen in love with a Muggleborn witch and settled down on the complete opposite of the state: on Ocracoke Island in the outer banks! My parents then gave birth to me and my three brothers, one older and two younger. Our house had always been crazy. My mother worked at MACUSA in the Mo-Mag relations department, while my father spent his time as a magizoologist. While my father was usually home, I would spend a lot of time taking care of my younger brothers. My older brother was off at Ilvermorny studying to become an auror. When I was 11, I still hadn't shown any signs of possessing any magical abilities. My older brother brushed it off and said I would have powers eventually, but that didn't make me feel better. My younger brothers didn't know any better and would tease me about it. Whenever I wasn't taking care of my brothers, I would find myself with my dad and his collection of magical creatures. He would comfort me and saying that the wizarding world was always welcome to squibs like me. My mother and I were never close, considering she was always busy and didn't have time to worry about my issues. Then, once I turned 19 and my younger brothers are just starting at Ilvermorny, something incredible happened. I started developing magical tendencies. I was acting just like my brothers were with their magical powers. My mother was shocked and my father was elated! My parents begged for Ilvermorny to take my in as a late student, but they refused. I was starting to lose hope. I eventually wrote to my Aunt Ginny about my troubles and I had asked her about Hogwarts. My mother wasn't keen on talking to my British side of the family, considering Molly's opinions on tainting the blood line, but I still talked to them. A few months later, instead of receiving a letter from Ginny, I received a letter from Headmistress Minerva McGonnagal! I had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! It was a dream come true! It was hard to say good bye to my family, especially my father, but I'm on my way to Britain and ready to start a new adventure, both with my extended family and Hogwarts.

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