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(Golden trio days)
Heyo, my name is Atlas Jester. I'm a halfblood male. I was sorted into Slytherin and to be honest I love it here. I have two moms, and my closest friends are Raine & Draco. My wand is the Phoenix feather core oak wood. My patronus is a fox. I'm gay but at this point everyone knows that.
My favorite classes are; Astrology, D.A.D.A (I hate umbridge with a passion though), and potions.
My least favorite classes are; Transfiguration & Arithmancy
Im really good at Arithmancy but I hate that class so much istg.
A lot of people looked down on me ever since I enrolled due to my blood status, Draco especially. Now we're cool though. When he who shall not be named returned, Raine was in denial and I had to snap her out into reality half of the time. My greatest strength is my cunningness and ability to think outside of the box. My greatest weakness is not being able to realize when im taking things too far. Im excited for the future ahead of me but im not exactly sure what's to come. Hopefully I can, i dunno go on adventures with like my future boyfriend or something :)

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