Phoenix James


Looking for some OWL-pals, dont be shy, slytherin to my messages.

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I am of Slytherin House, my ambitious and cunning nature overruled my more Ravenclaw features and the hat placed me in Slytherin after a few moments. I love Potions, Charms, Defense Againts The Dark Arts and Runes but do have a hard time in Transfiguration and Arithmancy. I am a pureblood witch and the eldest of seven children, my greatest strength is my spell repertoire and my dueling abilities. My greatest weakness is my strive for constant perfection in all areas. Magic is almost endless in possibilities, there is so much you could do and make with magic, it often stuns me how lucky I am to have it. I would like to test the bounds of magic when I graduate and work at the Ministry of Magic as an Unspeakable. I have a pet and a familiar, an Owl named Avis and my familiar a magical water snake named Artemis. My Family is an old Ancient House, we have an affinity for potion making and warding and tend to be empathic enough to almost feel the emotions radiating out of those around us.
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