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Guess I'll see you again... in Hell

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I grew up just outside of London on a large estate, with enchanting libraries filled with magical knowledge and surrounded by magical creatures of all sorts. You see my mother is a researcher of magical beasts, magizoologist, and my father, well he is considered to be famous amongst aspiring witches and wizards in the Auror community. Apparently, when I was very young, too young to remember, he captured an infamous Death Eater named Sebation Perrot. It all happened a while after the fall of Voldemort. Sebastian having run from the Battle of Hogwarts continued to spread Voldemort's ideologies after his death inspiring great strife in the wizarding world. Apparently he gained quite a following and was a rather large nuisance to the Ministry before my dear old dad care of him. Personally I've never seen what all the fuss was about, but the capture did make him one of the Ministry's most renowned Aurors. My family has a long-standing history with Hogwarts, I will be the eighth generation on both sides of my family to attend. Some would say that my family's blood is considered to be pure-blood, but honestly, it's the 21st century, who even cares. My mother was a Ravenclaw as was the majority of her family and my father comes from a proud line of Gryffindors, so it astounded them when I was sorted into Slytherin. But, it didn't surprise me at all, I never got enough attention as a child. Something like that creates a certain drive in an individual, don't you think? I can't wait to see you around, please don't be a stranger.

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