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What can i say, i wasn't in the least way shocked when i got my letter, i mean its expected! i've come from a long line of Slytherins. i wouldn't even show up if i'm not sorted into Slytherin, its my home! i know i'll pass all the classes with flying colors, its just in my blood. i Have a Cat, Goile. she ain't she prettiest but she's the smartest cat you'll ever meet. My wands pretty odd looking, every since my rat carcass of a brother messed with it hasn't been the same, it has a dark green oak color tint to it, lots of imperfections and a leather handle that my papa made for me before he left for the death eaters and hasn't come back. As a kid is was always something to look up to and i always wanted to be something but id rather not go back to that side of me since he passed i've never had interest in it. i grew up in a magically hidden cottage in behind a mossy brick wall in between a run down butcher and tailor shop. never moved so its the closest thing i can call home. Since we're so hidden i've only ever had muggle friends but i'm glad to leave the delinquents now that i go to Hogwarts. My mum and brother will be fine without me they. know its for the best and mum got a good job cleaning the streets of any magical trash laying there.
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