Being a Hufflepuff in a family of Death Eaters

written by Abigail Rookwood

A quick read about my life growing up in the household of Augustus Rookwood, famous Death Eater and murderer. But here's the punchline: I'm a Hufflepuff. And his daughter.

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Chapter 1

Hi. My name is Abigail Cassiopeia Rookwood, but you can just refer to me as Abi. I'm writing this as a 19-year-old Hogwarts alum in the year 2000. Right now life is good, but I'll get to that later. 

As you know from the title, I'm a Hufflepuff. But not just a regular Hufflepuff, I'm the only daughter of the "famous" Augustus Rookwood. Oh? You didn't know he had a daughter? Well guess what. He has 2 older sons too. My brothers are Orion Prospero Rookwood and Thomas Pegasus Rookwood. Right now Orion is 23 and Thomas is 21. And who's our mother you ask? The amazing Cordelia Coventina Birch. Never heard of her either? Of cours eyou haven't. I'll go into detail about her too. 

I guess that's enough of an introduction. I'll go into detail of every family member in each chapter. I won't leave anything out. Enjoy. 

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