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When i was 11 years old, I received my Hogwarts letter. My name is Rebecca Slytherin, An heir of Slytherin house. I have the ability to speak Paseltonuge and can befriend the monster in the chamber of secrets. I was always destined to be in Slytherin due to my family so was obviously put there by the sorting hat. My favourite classes had to be defence against the dark arts and flying. My least favourite had to be Herbology as it was just sooooo boring. However I always did well in my classes whether I liked them or not. My mother always said I inherited my brains from my father who was a Ravenclaw. I have always been a Pure-blooded witch as I am a descendant from Salazar Slytherin himself. My Mother was a death eater and good friends with Lord Voldemort. This meant that I too had to take the mark. I never liked this fact but I did it not to be shamed in my house. In never wanted to be a death eater but I had no choice. Voldemort's rule over my family lead to my father being killed by me (as I was forced to kill him) I lived in fear of what I would be made to do next. I was great friends with Draco Malfoy as we both were suffering during the time of Lord Voldemort. We were afraid and lived in fear but we didn't show it. When Voldemort was killed I suffered a year in Azkaban for my connections with Voldemort and for killing my father and for helping him in my second year in the chamber of secrets. My greatest strength was my occlumency skills as it lead to Voldemort not seeing the fear in my mind and my loyalty for Dumbledore's army. My weaknesses would be my family and friends. If anything harmed them I would be in great pain. Now that I've finished at Hogwarts I have become a great Quidditch player for the Holyhead Harpies and am now the greatest chaser the team has ever seen. ever since I was born I've loved magic, the beautiful enchantments are so fascinating. In my life my magic has been used to forcefully torture people and kill people. However I want to now change and help others with it instead of bringing destruction. I want to continue with my career as a quidditch player and eventually settle down with a husband and a family.

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