Taylor Swift: The Ultimate Hogwarts Hatstall

written by Keith D. Cardin | 10/01/2023 1:29PM | 3,162 Views

Ever imagined Taylor Swift at Hogwarts? Dive into a magical exploration deciphering which house Taylor's songbird spirit truly resonates with. From Gryffindor valor to Slytherin ambition, join us on this spellbinding journey! 🎶✨🔮

Greetings, magical Swifties!

As Taylor Swift's melodies enchant both Muggles and wizards, a captivating question remains: if she were to walk through the enchanted gates of Hogwarts, where would the Sorting Hat deem her rightful place? Let's traverse the world of spells and songs to decipher this musical riddle.


Gryffindor: Bravery, Courage, and Heart

A true Gryffindor shines in moments of challenge, and Taylor's resilience in the face of scrutiny exemplifies this house's valor. From public feuds to personal trials, she's tackled them with unmatched courage. Her album "Speak Now", penned entirely by her, demonstrates her audacity to voice her thoughts without filters. Within the stone walls of Hogwarts, we can envision Taylor courageously challenging the status quo, perhaps standing shoulder to shoulder with Hermione Granger, advocating for elfish rights or championing for a more inclusive Triwizard Tournament.


Hufflepuff: Devotion, Tenacity, and Warmth

Loyalty and dedication are Hufflepuff's core, and Taylor's unwavering commitment to her fans and her craft resonate deeply with this house. With "Lover", she crafts an ode to love in all its forms, embodying the heart and soul of a true Hufflepuff. In the cozy quarters of the Hufflepuff common room, Taylor might be found hosting heartfelt songwriting sessions, weaving tunes inspired by magical creatures, or perhaps even brewing a soothing potion to mend broken hearts.


Ravenclaw: Creativity, Wisdom, and Individuality

The wellspring of Taylor's creativity seems unending, a trait every Ravenclaw holds dear. Her keen observations and knack for narrative storytelling, especially in "Folklore", parallel a Ravenclaw's love for wisdom and introspection. Surrounded by towering bookshelves in the Ravenclaw Tower, Taylor could be engrossed in ancient magical ballads or collaborating with Luna Lovegood, crafting songs imbued with tales of Nargles and Blibbering Humdingers.


Slytherin: Ambition, Strategy, and Charisma

Taylor's strategic mind, ambition, and the charisma that's seen her rise to the zenith of the music industry mirror Slytherin's traits. The mastery over her narrative in "Reputation" showcases her cunning ability to metamorphose challenges into opportunities. Deep within the Slytherin dungeons, one could imagine Taylor conjuring enchanting melodies with the wave of her wand, or masterfully debating the nuances of magical contracts with Professor Slughorn.



While Taylor Swift’s melodies resonate with elements from each house, her diverse traits make the Sorting Hat’s job a confounding one. The brilliance lies in her multifaceted persona that defies singular categorization. Until the day we see her at the Hogwarts Express, Swifties can only dream and debate.

Here's to our favorite songbird, who reminds us that, like magic, music knows no bounds.

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