Do Squibs have 'some' magic?

written by Keith D. Cardin | 09/26/2023 5:07PM | 1,759 Views

While Squibs are said to have no magical abilities, maybe they have a latent form of magic that isn't as overt as casting spells. What do you think?

In the magical tapestry of the wizarding world, there exists a curious and often overlooked category of individuals: Squibs. While the world remains enchanted by the exploits of witches and wizards, the quietly resilient Squibs exist in the shadows, often facing prejudice and misunderstanding. But could it be possible that Squibs, traditionally seen as magic-less, possess a latent form of power yet to be fully explored? Let's dive deep into this enigma and unveil the theories that suggest Squibs might be more magical than the wizarding world believes.

A Subtle Understanding of Magical Beings

One of the first instances where we encounter the hints of Squib magic is through two distinct characters: Argus Filch, the grouchy caretaker of Hogwarts, and Arabella Figg, Harry's seemingly ordinary neighbor. Both Squibs, Filch and Mrs. Figg, have been shown to interact with magical creatures that are typically invisible to Muggles.

For instance, Mrs. Figg can sense the presence of Dementors, those soul-sucking guards of Azkaban. While she doesn't see them in high-definition as wizards do, she's acutely aware of them – a feat no Muggle can claim. Filch, on the other hand, not only interacts with the students of Hogwarts but also seems to perceive ghosts and other spectral beings. This suggests that Squibs have an intrinsic connection to the magical realm, enabling them to interact with beings beyond the Muggle scope.

The Theory of Residual Magic

Every witch or wizard possesses a core of magic, which they channel through their wands. But what if Squibs, too, have this core, albeit dormant or less active? This would mean that while they can't necessarily cast spells, they're surrounded by a residual aura of magic. This "residual magic" could be the reason they can interact with magical creatures and sense supernatural occurrences.

The idea of residual magic offers a fresh perspective. It paints a picture where magic isn't just a binary concept – you either have it or you don't – but exists on a spectrum. And Squibs, rather than being devoid of magic, are somewhere on this continuum, closer to Muggles but not entirely like them.

The Heritage Factor

One can't discuss Squibs without touching upon their lineage. Born to magical families, they share the same ancestry as some of the most powerful witches and wizards. Could it be that their magical genes manifest in ways that aren't traditionally recognized?

Consider the case of Neville Longbottom. While not a Squib, he was late in showcasing his magical abilities, leading many in his family to believe he might be one. However, when his latent powers finally emerged, they were formidable. This raises an intriguing question: could there be Squibs whose magical abilities are so deeply latent that they never surface in the conventional sense, yet subtly influence their interactions with the magical world?

Bridging the Worlds

Another tantalizing theory revolves around the Squibs' unique position in both the Muggle and magical realms. They have the potential to be the perfect bridge between the two worlds.

Their grounding in the Muggle world, combined with their inherent connection to magic, could make Squibs invaluable in situations where diplomacy and understanding between Muggles and wizards are essential. Their latent magic might provide them with insights into both realms, granting them a unique perspective that neither wizards nor Muggles can claim.


The world of Harry Potter is vast, with many corners still shrouded in mystery. The magic of Squibs is one such enigma, waiting to be explored and understood. While they may not dazzle with spells or fly on broomsticks, their subtle connection to the magical world, their potential as bridges between two realms, and their latent, residual magic make them a fascinating topic of discussion and speculation. Perhaps, in the broader tapestry of the Potter universe, the Squibs, with their quiet resilience, have a larger role to play than we've realized so far.

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