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I am going through the Harry Potter books and writing definitions for any non-muggle words I find. I will also add words from lessons which do not appear in the books.

I will include spells, objects, places, potions, ingredients, animals, plants and historic people.

Feel free to use this dictionary if there are any words in your lessons or on this website that you do not understand or do not know the meaning of.

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Chapter 22

Vampire - A nocturnal creature which bites peoples necks and sucks their blood. Usually pale looking with sharp fangs and they have an aversion to garlic.

Veela - A race of semi-human semi-magical humanoids. Their looks and dance are magically seductive to almost all males. However, when they are angry their faces turn into cruel-beaked bird heads, long scaly wings burst from their shoulders and they can launch balls of fire from their hands. They are thought to have their own form of magic which doesn't require a wand, which is why their hair can be used as wand cores. 

Verdimillious Charm - Verdimillious. Wand movement: forwards slash or jab. Creates green sparks, used to reveal objects hidden by dark magic, to confuse/disorientate an opponents, or to illuminate a room for a short period of time. If hit with this charm you will experience a mild stinging sensation and become disorientated for a moment.

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