My Notes, From A Ravenclaw (Year 1)

written by Anne Pickering

These are my notes for all classes through year 1. There are 7 course in the first year. Charms, History of Magic, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, DADA, and Astronomy. I will add as I am able. Please check back for new content.

Please keep in mind, these are only major points and not to be substituted for the actual lessons!

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Chrm 101 Week 2

Chapter 8

The Charms office can be found at

Spell Casting Basics

Magical ability is typically passed from parent to child. Exceptions to this are squibs, non-magical persons with magical parent(s) and Muggle-borns, magical persons with non-magical parents.

Magic is involuntary, like breathing. We use our minds and thought to guide our power out. As you learn to draw on the innate power, it will take a less conscious effort to cast spells. This is the biggest hurdle to being able to cast complex spells later on. 

Before the Levitation charm, there were earlier versions.

Hover charm- The earliest known spell to move something off the ground. The witch/wizard must be touching the object. An impractical spell and doesn't see much use anymore.

Rocket Charm- This charm can only propel objects straight up in the air and down again. Also impractical and heavier object move less.

Floating Charm- This charm does NOT require physical contact. It allows for controlled vertical movement and only several feet in the air. It is useful during spring cleaning. No horizontal movement is possible.

Levitation Charm- The closest we have come to true flight. It allows the object to move in all directions and the height of the object is only affected by the distance from the object. It does NOT work on humans.  The spell is Wingardium Leviosa, pronounced 'wing-GAR-dee-um levi-O-sa'. The movement is the swish and flick and you must concentrate on the object through out the entire spell to avoid levitating anything else. 

New book is available! Quintessential Magic: An Introduction to Charms

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