My Notes, From A Ravenclaw (Year 1)

written by Anne Pickering

These are my notes for all classes through year 1. There are 7 course in the first year. Charms, History of Magic, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, DADA, and Astronomy. I will add as I am able. Please check back for new content.

Please keep in mind, these are only major points and not to be substituted for the actual lessons!

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Tnfg 101 Week 1

Chapter 6

Professor Darkstorm,

While weekly assignments are encouraged, week 5's test and week 9's exam are compulsory.

"Transfiguration is the art of changing form(s) of different objects, beings, or generating it (them) into something new."

Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration

  1. Food
    1. Food can not b conjured, created, or generate in any shape or form
    2. It can be summoned if already made and the place where it is is known.
    3. It can be multiplied and divided.
  2. Money
    1. Similar to food, it can not be created out of thin air.
    2. Laws prevent it from being created, moved, or altered.
    3. It can not be multiplied or divided.
  3. Life
    1. No spell can reawaken the dead
    2. Magic can extend life or alter age, but there is no reverse once life has ended
  4. Knowledge
    1. Can not be generated or conjured. 
  5. Love
    1. Love potions only generate lust or desire, not true love.
    2. Love must come from with in.

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