My Notes, From A Ravenclaw (Year 1)

written by Anne Pickering

These are my notes for all classes through year 1. There are 7 course in the first year. Charms, History of Magic, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, DADA, and Astronomy. I will add as I am able. Please check back for new content.

Please keep in mind, these are only major points and not to be substituted for the actual lessons!

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Tnfg 101 Week 7

Chapter 48

Blood and Moonlight are recognised as the two most potently powerful forces within Transfigurative Experimentation. 

As a life source, blood is most commonly used by anyone attempting to
practice the art of Transfigurative Necromancy or to breach the
boundaries of Gamp’s Law of Life. Blood provides the experimenting spell
with additional energy and strength, enhancing the effects.

As a cosmic source, moonlight is most commonly used to enhance, alter or
nullify the effects of spells during experimentation. If used
correctly, and the right style of moonlight (and dosage) is allocated,
then it is possible for almost a complete mastery of the spell to occur.

Blood is amongst the most dangerous of components for any individual to use within Transfigurative Experimentation.

It was discovered that ghoul's blood worked better on spells diminishing
life, whilst dragon's blood worked on spells that mimiced life.
Basilisk blood could be used to greater amplify healing spells, whilst
the blood of the mooncalf could assist in stablising summoning magic.

hen experimenting with Blood, there is a specific method to follow in order to conduct the research safely.

  • First, consider what sort of blood it is that you're using:
    • Blood
      is known to be a foundation of magical strength. In Transfigurations,
      blood multiplies the strength of the spell, and enhances its effects

    • The enhancement of strength and effect is subject to the rarity and freshness of the blood.

    • If
      the blood is sourced from a creature lesser than a dragon, it is ill
      advised to apply it to the wand tip, but rather it should be directly
      applied to the object
  • Second, consider how dated the blood is that you've chosen to use:
    • The
      fresher the blood (especially for nobler creatures) the greater effect
      and control you will have over the magical experimentation
    • The
      older the blood (for lower levelled creatures (for example ghouls)) the
      greater ability the blood will have in stabilising experiments that have
      gone wrong.
  • Thirdly, consider the spell you're experimenting with:
    • A
      spell that aims to mirror the effects of life (Draconifors for
      instance) will require fresh blood or blood that has been well incubated
      for no longer than 1 week. Using blood beyond this timeframe could
      result in the experiment going wildly wrong.
    • A spell that
      attempts to breach laws with conjuration (such as Avis) will require
      absolute blood fresh from the source in order to even remotely attempt
      to tinker with real life creation. However if the individual is looking
      to merely stabilise the magical field to tamper with the magic of Avis,
      then the blood would need to be severely dated.
Similar to blood, yet far easier to harvest, Moonlight is often gentler
on the wand and the wizard/witch during the experimentation process and
thus is often utilised first before any attempts with blood are

It requires and follows a similar method to blood:

First consider what kind of moon the light comes from:

  • The
    most powerful two are a Full Moon and a New Moon. In particular
    transfigurations, which have affiliations with the sea or water, such as
    Piscifors, the effects alter, expand and generate different outcomes.

  • The
    Full Moon has similar effects to higher potency blood, in that it can
    be used to complete unlock the maigcal fields and the secure magic
    within experimentation.
  • The New Moon in turn, holds similar
    effect to lower potency blood, in that it is used for stablisation and
    the calm experimentations down when they go slightly haywire.
  • Varying styles of moonlight from other moons can then in turn also have additional effects when all combined together.

Second consider how it was harvested:

  • Moonlight that was harvested by hand is known to have greater power than moonlight gathered by wand.
  • Moonlight
    that was harvested in bulk is less useful than moonlight harvested in
    small amounts. When held in bulk, the light in the centre is crushed and
    the magic fades and ceases to exist meaning that there is dead light
    tainting the purity of the moonlight

Third consider how old it is and how it was stored:

  • Moonlight
    is most powerful when it is first harvested and a wand tip dipped
    within pure harvested moonlight can become immensely powerful
  • Moonlight
    stored within concrete or glass or porcelain or other inhibiting
    containers will cause the light to fade and the power of the moonlight
    to wane.
  • Moonlight stored within wicker baskets or small woven
    containers will maintain it's power for up to 6 months depending on how
    shaded the area it is stored within is.

Dragon Blood Codes: (In order of Blood Strength)

  1. Hungarian Horntail (HH)
  2. Catalonian Fireball  (CaFi)
  3. Chinese Fireball  (ChFi)
  4. Common Welsh Green  (CWG)
  5. Hebridean Black  (HeB)
  6. Ukrainian Ironbelly (Uklr)
  7. Norwegian Ridgeback  (NR)
  8. Peruvian Vipertooth  (PVpr)
  9. Portuguese Long-Snout  (PLS)
  10. Romanian Longhorn  (RoLo)
  11. Swedish Short-Snout  (SSS)
  12. Antipodean Opaleye(AOp)

Moonlight Codes: (Highlighted being strongest, followed by italicised and then regular)

  1. Full Moon  (FM)
  2. Waxing Gibous  (WG)
  3. First Quarter  (FQ)
  4. Waxing Crescent  (WCr)
  5. New Moon  (NM)
  6. Waning Crescent  (WaCr)
  7. Third Quarter  (TQ)
  8. Waning Gibous  (WaG)

General Codes:

  1. Bottled (B)
  2. Waning (w)
  3. Fully Waned (W)
  4. UnBottled (uB)
  5. Fresh (Po)
  6. Mixed (Mx)

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