My Notes, From A Ravenclaw (Year 1)

written by Anne Pickering

These are my notes for all classes through year 1. There are 7 course in the first year. Charms, History of Magic, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, DADA, and Astronomy. I will add as I am able. Please check back for new content.

Please keep in mind, these are only major points and not to be substituted for the actual lessons!

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Herb 101 Week 1

Chapter 3

Professor Tudor,

Herbology is the study, along with the use, of both magical and non-magical plants.

There are 3 purposes; medicinal, protective, and educational

A herbologist is any witch or wizard who understands the properties and nature of a plant.

A few examples of why you should know your plants.

  1. If you know the difference between holly and elder, you can recognize the wand wood of an opponent. This could determine the spell you use in a duel. 
  2. The difference between Lesser Celandine an Marsh-merigold is the difference between curing constipation and causing a very deep sleep

Respect the plants and they will respect you.

Equipment needed falls into 2 categories:

  1. Protection
    1. Dragon hide gloves
    2. ear muffs
    3. wand
  2. Caring for plants
    1. Dragon Dung
    2. Mooncalf Dung
    3. Centaur Tears

Dittany is good to have on hand.

Also recommended was closed toed shoes, apron, gloves,and a mask.

Dragon Dung is the stool of any fire breathing dragon. It can be used as fertilizer or for compost. It is scentless and, because of the acids in the dragon's stomach, can break down any material to its most natural state.

Mooncalf dung is also a fertilizer. It is a gentler option than dragon dung and used for more sensitive plants. It is not as strong and powerful as dragon dung, so if the soil is lacking, it may not be good enough. It has lower nutrients than dragon dung.

Centaur Tears are a favorite drink for most plants. It is vitamin rich compared to water. It will revive plants moments from death. It is important to remember that centaur tears are toxic to plants grown in salt water

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