My Notes, From A Ravenclaw (Year 1)

written by Anne Pickering

These are my notes for all classes through year 1. There are 7 course in the first year. Charms, History of Magic, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, DADA, and Astronomy. I will add as I am able. Please check back for new content.

Please keep in mind, these are only major points and not to be substituted for the actual lessons!

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Tnfg 101 Week 3

Chapter 20
Five Principal Exceptions to Gamp’s Law
food, magical energy, love, life, and knowledge

Food cannot be conjured or transformed into existence. It can, however, be summoned or duplicated.

We can draw in this energy from ourselves and the world around us and shape it to perform spells, but there is currently no physical way to imbue something with self-preserving magical energy if it does not have it, to begin with. This means that we cannot conjure and materials, plants, or animals that have any natural magical ability.

Love cannot be created falsely

Life cannot be created in any form.

It is impossible for someone to create knowledge that they do not have. you must still sit down and actually study the book to gain the knowledge

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