A Beginners Guide to Herbology

written by Hermione Potter

Herbology Textbook for All Ages. This will guide you to some of the most commonly met plants and how to deal with them.

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Bouncing Bulbs

Chapter 1
Bouncing Bulbs

A Bouncing Bulb is a magical plant which jumps around if it is not restrained. Bouncing Bulbs' main stem is a disproportionate purple bulb, with a bunch of leaves growing on the top. Young Bouncing Bulbs are small enough to handle, but mature ones can reach the size of doorways.

Bouncing Bulbs can be aggressive when they feel threatened; they jump towards the possible attacker and try to hit it. A simple Knockback Jinx could stop a young Bulb, but a mature one would require using the Fire-Making Spell to wither it, because it is quite strong.
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