The Standard Book of Spells Grade One

written by Hermione Potter

A handy book of spells that covers relatively easy spells for first and second years. Several copies can always be found in Hogwarts Library. This book will cover simple spells like Lumos, Nox or Wingardium Leviosa.

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Powering Up

Chapter 1
Chapter One

Powering Up

A charm is defined as a spell that adds or changes certain properties to an object or creature. Charms focus on altering what the target does, unlike transfiguration spells which focus on altering what the target is. In this textbook, you will explore the endless number of charms that exist. All spells will be described with the finest detail, but how you use them is up to you, the reader. The more you practice these spells, the better your skills become, and soon enough some spells would become a second nature. Here are some tips as to how to cast these charms:

If your brain wanders elsewhere, the charm will fail. If you don't focus on a task at hand, the result would be poor. The same deal applies to casting charms. Attention is key.

Wand Movements
Some charms require a little flick of the wand, while others require a complicated swirl. Just like how different dance moves have different names, a specific spell has its own little "dance". If the wand movement is slightly off, so will the outcome of the charm.

Each charm has its own pronunciation, specific stress to specific syllables. If a caster stresses the wrong syllable, the spell would fail.

Although no important to casting the charm, visualizing what should happen is a good habit to have while practicing the spells. It becomes a monorail for your speech and actions, an imaginary template to work off of. Imagine yourself cast it, its process, then its result, and surely, you will get it.
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