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Chapter 9

Similar to ghosts, we move on to poltergeists. Like ghosts, poltergeists are spirits; however, that is where the similarities end. Unlike the friendly nature of ghosts, poltergeists are spirits of chaos. They are fuelled by chaos and will always inhabit places where people frequently gather. Castles that are used, such as Hogwarts, are the perfect locations for poltergeists to thrive. There have also been recorded cases of poltergeists inhabiting Muggle and Magical homes.
Ghosts and poltergeists also differ through their ability to interact with the physical world. Ghosts have no ability to touch or move objects, while poltergeists can do both. It is not uncommon for a poltergeist to pick up objects and move them around in order to cause more chaos and give themselves more power.
Another key characteristic of poltergeists is that it is very rare for them to have a visible, distinct form. They aren’t like ghosts and most often cannot be seen. For the most part, you will have to depend on other telling signs that a poltergeist is in your midst. Some of the ways will be noticeable, others not so much. Some of the signs you, as Magical people, will want to watch for are as follows:
Banging on the walls or, generally, noises that you cannot explain
Objects suddenly being thrown across rooms, seemingly on their own
Strange, unexplainable smells
Physical attack from unseen forces
Now, one of these alone is not necessarily a telltale sign of a poltergeist. It is through the combination of several of these signs that you can tell. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to rid an area of a poltergeist. No, the only way to “end” a poltergeist attack is to abandon the place they inhabit. If there are no people, the poltergeist cannot get any power and will effectively fade away. They will not be gone completely, though, just temporarily fizzled. Once people return to the area, they will be empowered again and will be back in action, causing chaos and mischief. One final note to make about poltergeists is that, in extremely rare cases, they can be controlled.
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