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Chapter 7
Our next discussion also delves a little into the Muggle world. Hags are sentient creatures that look a lot like humans and supposedly only have four toes. They have extremely pale skin and very basic magical abilities. They are capable of brewing potions and such, but cannot do much more. Many people believe that Muggles get their typical idea of witches from hags. It is important to note that these creatures do not have a classification because the Ministry categorizes them as Beings; this fact is one of the reasons that Centaurs and Merpeople choose to be categorized as Beasts, even though they could qualify for Being status - they do not want to be under the same category as creatures such as hags.

Another thing to note about hags is that they have a very...peculiar diet. Hags are famous for eating children and raw liver. They will eat other types of meat if they are desperately in need of nourishment, but they will not survive nor be as happy if they go too long without one of these two staple components of their diet.
There are several famous hags that you should be aware of. The first of these is Annis Black. She lived in a cave, as many hags will, and is most well known for a letter she wrote to the Daily Prophet where she complained about the newspaper portraying hags as flesh eating monsters. Another famous hag is Cordelia Misericordia, who lived from 1298-1401 and whom was the representative for hags on the Wizard’s Council (the original form of government before the Ministry of Magic was formed).
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