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Chapter 5

The Doxy, also known as the “biting fairy”, is a small creature with the ability to fly. They are often categorized with fairies; however, you will never mistake the two creatures. You will immediately recognize a doxy by several distinguishing characteristics - namely its blue skin and its extra set of arms and legs. They only have two wings, but the wings are noticeably shiny and bear a striking resemblance to the wings of a beetle.

They also have two rows of razor sharp teeth that, unlike the gnome, will easily puncture human skin. These bites can be much more dangerous. Along with the risk of infection, the symptoms of which are listed above, doxy teeth will inject venom into the bite victim. If bitten by a doxy, the best cure is to take a dose of the Antidote to Common Poisons, which you will learn about in much greater detail as you progress through your Potions class. However, you must also be aware of the potential for an allergic reaction. There are several noticeable symptoms and, should you be bitten and notice any of these symptoms, you should immediately make your way to a Healer. They symptoms of an allergic reaction are:

Pain in the affected area
Swelling of the lips, tongue, or throat
Chest pain
Difficulty breathing
Now, having one of these symptoms individually does not qualify for a call to a Healer, since one symptom alone does not constitute an allergic reaction. It is through a combination of these symptoms, as well as knowing your own body and how you react to different situations, that you will be able to recognize whether or not you are suffering from an allergic reaction.
Doxies are known to create their nests behind drapes and other places that easily move. A doxy can lay up to 500 eggs at one time, so when you are attempting to clear your home of an infestation of doxies, you must make sure that you clear out all eggs or the infestation will start all over. However there are benefits to keeping the doxy eggs - when you learn to store them properly and how to use them, they are quite useful as Potions ingredients.
As with gnomes, you will not be casting any spells to clear your home of these pests. Instead, you will be using a concoction known as Doxycide. Doxycide is a black liquid with a very less than pleasing smell. When sprayed at a doxy, it will cause the doxy to become immediately paralyzed. This will make the doxy safe to pick up and to remove them from the home. Unfortunately, the solution will only paralyze the doxy for a short amount of time, so any doxies affected will need to be removed from the home within a few hours or the effort will have been wasted.
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