Defense Against the Dark Arts 101 Textbook by taekwondofizz

written by Taekwondofizz

Need help in DADA 101? Don't worry. That's why this book is here.

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Chapter 3
Just as the imps are our representative of an offensive creature, bowtruckles are our representative of a defensive based creature. Bowtruckles are short, measuring no taller than 8 inches, and are classified as harmless. They are incredibly difficult to spot, since they essentially are tree creatures and their natural protection and defense system is to blend in with the tree in which they live.

It is important to note that bowtruckles will not live in just any tree; they will only live in trees that are capable of producing wand wood. This is one of the many methods that expert wandmakers will use to determine whether a tree will give them high quality wand wood.
Bowtruckles are not dangerous creatures as long as you keep your distance from their tree. They are completely unaffected by magic, so the only method of defense is placating them with their favorite foods. Bowtruckles love woodlice and, as a delicacy, fairy eggs. If you approach a tree that houses a bowtruckle and need to get away, offer the bowtruckle woodlice and/or fairy eggs. They will begin to eat the offerings and will no longer be paying attention to you.
If, though, you are unfortunate and have no delicious offerings for a bowtruckle, your best chance is to get as far from their tree as possible. Despite their small size, they are vicious creatures and their fingers, which they only have two of on each hand, can dig deep into a person’s skin. This leaves some serious marks, though the bowtruckle will let go immediately if you get far enough away from their tree.
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