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Chapter 2
Imps are Beasts classified as harmless by the Ministry of Magic. Their location of origin is in Britain and Ireland, though they have spread around the globe. They stand at about six to eight inches tall and are often compared to pixies, though the only biological similarity is their height. An imp has no wings and is far less threatening than the pixie.

Imps are known tricksters. They tend to stick to marshy areas, where it is easy to lure a target astray. In most cases, the imp will only do minimal harm to a person: tripping them, dropping branches on them, etc. However, there have been several instances where a prank an imp has pulled has gone dramatically wrong and the victim ended up dead. These pranks are seen primarily as an offensive tactic.
Imps also have minor magical abilities. Though it is clear that they do not have the capability of casting many, if any, spells, there are recorded instances where imps have been observed apparating (a form of travel where a witch, wizard, or creature disappears from one spot and appears in a different location). This would require, at minimum, a small amount of magical ability.
Assuming you can recognize and discover the location of the imp you are battling, they are relatively easy to handle. All someone has to do is cast the Knockback Jinx (a spell I will soon teach you) on them and the force of being pushed backwards will momentarily stun the imp. While the imp is stunned, you have the opportunity to escape. You can also use the Verdimillious Charm, since the sparks will startle the imp and distract it long enough for you to escape.
One final note about imps. There have been a few instances where imps have allowed a witch or wizard to keep them as a pet. However, an imp will only stay with a witch or wizard whom they believe to be a true prankster at heart. For example, I believe that, prior to the Battle of Hogwarts, George Weasley would have had no difficulty attaining an imp as a pet. He may still even be capable of it, though he may not find it as easy as he once did.
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