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Chapter 10

Finally, we come to the gytrash. These creatures are ghostly, large dogs that will only appear at night. They are pure white, except for their pitch black eyes, and can be extremely vicious. However, what makes these creatures particularly dangerous is their ability to blend into their surroundings until they are right on top of their prey - their favorite of which is humans. They can also be difficult because it is very rare for a gytrash to attack alone. In fact, they will frequently attack in groups of two to six.
There are a few known places where gytrashes are known to have packs. Their method of hunting involves, as mentioned, working in groups of two to six. They attack by lunging at the victim, leaving one large bite before darting away, and waiting for the next attack. If they were alone, this would not be too dangerous, but since there can be as many as six of them, this can quickly become a deadly situation, since one gytrash can attack and dart away only for another gytrash to follow.
Overall, there is very little to worry about from the spectres we have talked about today. It is rare that a poltergeist will do something that is aimed to kill - they like chaos and need humans around to survive. Ghosts are usually friendly spirits that won’t attack because they are unable to. If a ghost is bugging you too much, you can chase them away with the Wand-Lighting Charm. This spell will also work to defend yourself against a Gytrash, since they will flee the light from a wand.
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