Secrets of the Darkest Art - by Owle Bullock

written by Nyx Lumiere

Includes how to make a Horcrux. Copy owned by Pecival Graves. Contents borrowed by Pottermore with small alterations. Reviews: "This is the one that gives explicit instructions on how to make a Horcrux. Secrets of the Darkest Art — it's a horrible book, really awful, full of evil magic" —Hermione Granger. "I found it on a law-breaking miscreant -- yes I plan to report it, it is obviously not mine." - Percival Graves

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Horcruxes - Carpo Cruxio Leromis -

Chapter 7
One defense against death is the creation of at least one Horcrux. The creation of Horcruxes is a preventive measure, created by a wizard long before he faces the threat of death. If one has Horcruxes when they die, they will not be dead, but they will barely be alive and will be reduced toliving off another, drinking Unicorn Blood, or creating a rudimentary body from Unicorn Blood and snake venom.If possible, one can make a Regeneration potion to came back to life, but it requires the bone of the father, the flesh of the servant, and the blood of an enemy.

The first Horcrux was created by Herpo the Foul. Herpo the Foulwas an Ancient Greek Dark Wizard. He is one of the earliest known Dark Wizards and his work is still a lasting aspect of dark magic to date. He the first wizard known to successfully create aHorcrux, perhaps having designed the ritual himself. - see last page for more detail -

As previously stated, Horcruxis a powerful object in which a Dark wizard or witchhas hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality. Creating one Horcrux gives one the ability to anchor one’s own soul to earth if the body is destroyed; the more horcruxes one creates, the closer one is to true immortality. Creating multiple Horcruxes is suggested to be costly to the creator, by both diminishing their humanity and even physically disfiguring them.

The nature and concepts of Horcruxes are so terrifying, they are kept secret from most of thewizarding world. Even banned books such as Magick Moste Evile only skim the subject at best. This is the only book that explains Horcruxes in detail.

A Horcrux is one of the darkest arts in existence as it involves splitting the soul, which is intended to remain whole, through the most supreme act of evil, murder.

There is only one way to make a Horcrux.

1 - You must commit an act that does irreversable damage to your soul, such as committing a murder of someone that is of great importance to you.

2 - You must then cut off the flesh of your victim as well as yourself, and place them in a mortar and grind both with a pestel. Dilute the mix with snake venom and an infusion of Wormood after placing the first in a cauldron. Brew the potion and ingest it. The purpose is to link your flesh with the life that you’ve taken.

3 - twenty-six hours after ingestion you must then bleed upon an object selected as your horcrux. The incantation for this final spell is - Carpo Cruxio -

Creating a horcrux is one of the magical darkest practices invented (though this is debatable) and is exrusiatingly painful. However the reversal is more so.The creation of a Horcrux can be reversed by its creator by truly feeling remorse, though the effects of this can be fatal to the spirit of the wizard - so far that it may result in loss of magical abilities.

Horcruxes can also be destroyed. If a person’s body was destroyed, their soul would remain intact, whereas with a Horcrux it is the opposite, as the piece of soul depends upon its container to survive. Destruction of a Horcrux is difficult, but not impossible, and requires that the receptacle to be damaged completely beyond physical or magical repair. When a Horcrux is damaged to this point, it may appear to “bleed” and a scream may be heard as the soul fragment perishes. However, as a safety measure, the creator will usually place powerful enchantments onto the artefact to prevent damage, to the point where even the most powerful house-elf magic will not succeed.

It is unknown if the creator of the Horcrux would be able to sense that his soul fragment was destroyed.

The fragments of a person’s sou lwithin a Horcrux can think for themselves and have certain magical abilities, including the ability to influence those in their vicinity. One may be unable to summon theirPatronuseswhile wearing the locket since the soul fragment inside was darkening their thoughts. A person with an affinity for theDark Arts, on the other hand, would be strengthened by the influence of a Horcrux. If a person is more emotionally vulnerable, it is possible for the soul inside the Horcrux to take control of him or her. A Horcrux can gradually feed on another person’s life or negative emotions to strengthen itself and increase the ability of the soul fragment within to act independently in the physical world. Horcruxes which have been isolated for long periods of time are very passive by comparison and take no real measures to protect themselves. Horcruxes also possess some last line of defence against destruction. The fragment of soul within the Horcrux seems to be able to sense impending threats and can act to defend itself.

As previously acknowledged in this book, the first of Adalbert Wafflings Fundamental Laws of Magic, states: “Tamper with the deepest mysteries the source of life, the essence of self only if prepared for consequences of the most extreme and dangerous kind.”

To create a Horcrux is to divide one’s soul the “essence of self” and it is therefore in the creation of a Horcrux that one falls prey toAdalbert Waffling’s firstFundamental Law of Magic, which essentially states that tampering with one’s soul inevitably results in grave side effects.

One of these such side-effects is the “dehumanising” effect the mutilation of one’s soul is said to have. The more Horcruxes one creates, the less human they become, both emotionally and physically.. Of course, this initial consequence of dehumanisation has its own side effect; it logically follows that if one becomes dehumanised by Horcrux creation then they will take less stock of morality in general, increasing the likelihood that they will create another Horcrux, which would in turn make them less human and hence less moral, which further increases their likelihood of making more Horcruxes and so on. In other words, Horcrux creation may be thought of as a “slippery slope” or “downward spiral” until one reaches the limit, at which point no more Horcruxes may be made. A second effect of Horcrux creation is that the Master Soul itself becomes unstable - even with creating just one Horcrux. The final known side-effect of Horcrux creation is the inability to move on fromLimbo after death.

Limbo is a state of being that exists between life and death. Limbo comes to being inside a person’s mind making it both real and unreal. Its appearance is different for each person who visits it. Some Limbo experiences involve loved ones or acquaintances. Reconciliation cannot occur after death, as the soul’s state at death remains forever, so the greatest of all consequences incurred by Horcrux creation may be the possibility of eternal limbo of the soul.

note: horcrux making ritual is not canon, however there is an account that J.K. Rowling only told her editor the gory details, who threw up in response. I wonder what it was?
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