Secrets of the Darkest Art - by Owle Bullock

written by Nyx Lumiere

Includes how to make a Horcrux. Copy owned by Pecival Graves. Contents borrowed by Pottermore with small alterations. Reviews: "This is the one that gives explicit instructions on how to make a Horcrux. Secrets of the Darkest Art — it's a horrible book, really awful, full of evil magic" —Hermione Granger. "I found it on a law-breaking miscreant -- yes I plan to report it, it is obviously not mine." - Percival Graves

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Obscurus - Obscurial (singular)

Chapter 6
Obscurial is a young wizard or witch who developed a dark parasitical magical force, known as an Obscurus, as a result of their magic being suppressed through psychological or physical abuse.

When a magical child is forced to repress their talent through physical or psychological abuse, they develop a parasitical magical force inside of them called Obscurus, resulting from their strong emotions of distress.An Obscurial may lose control when they reach their emotional and mental breaking point, releasing their Obscurus as an invisible (or nearly invisible) destructive wind. In extreme cases, they may physically transform into an Obscurus.

When an Obscurial releases the Obscurus within, their eyes become pure white and their physical form vibrates and becomes distorted. While the Obscurus is invisible, the Obscurial can physically interact with the world without making physical contact, though the ability is uncontrolled and triggered by the host’s distress, anger, or other intense emotions. This notably damages structures and objects near the host.

The size and might of an Obscurus depended on the innate power of its host; the more powerful an Obscurial, the more powerful their Obscurus. When an Obscurial reached their emotional and mental breaking point, they could lose control completely and physically transform into an Obscurus. Its size and mass at specific times may also have be connected to the level of negative emotions that triggered it at that instance, as well as the current mental state of its host. When an Obscurus killed someone, it left specific marks on the victim’s body, largely focused on their face.

Usually, children possessed by an Obscurus almost always die before their 10th birthdays, but as exemplified by Credence Barebone, a wizard with tremendous latent powers can survive longer. When the child dies, the Obscurus vanishes along with them.

In ancient times, Obscurials were more common, when wizards were hunted by Muggles. However, when the wizarding world and the Muggle world separated, the trend dropped as children were no longer forced to hide their true nature among their own. Obscurials were believed to have completely disappeared from the United States of America by 1926 a ccording to Seraphina Picquery To the knowledge of the International Confederation,
an Obscurus had not existed in the United States for over 200 years.

Muggles have invented urban legends and dieties related to the activity of Obscurus. One example is the Deogen, mentioned in the book De Kinderen van Het Bezeten Bos which was written in 1937. It is lousely based on witness accounts of a rare Obscurial spotted by a neighbouring village near the Sonian Forest in Belgium. It is believed that the Obscurial was Adalheida Maes of 7 years of age. She had been locked in a broom closet for 11 days. Strange sounds had been heard and her grandfather, believing she was a demon, refused to let her out. It was widely known that she was a troublemaker - and often ridiculed for it.

The legend of Deogen is said to have begun when area nuns began finding the burned bodies of young children in the Sonian Forest in Belgium, near Brussels. It is said in the book that 80 children were murdered and the bodies dumped throughout in the forest and set ablaze but a more accepted number was only 8.

As desribed in latter reports, a greenish ghostlike fog was often seen and small black solid figures were said to dart across the road. A laughing child was often heard as the mist evaporated. On other occasions it is said that bloody palm print is seen on windows, only to soon disappear as mysterious as it appears. Earlier descriptions of the fog would have it as being gray, orange, or white in color followed by the childish laughter. The term De Ogen, Dutch for “The Eyes” originated from reports that something large and undeniably human-like was said to be seen staring at witnesses from within the fog.
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