Coleman's Book Of Wands

written by Matthew Coleman

A simple book summarizing every general topic of wands. Including Cores, Woods, History, Famous Witch's and Wizard's Wands, Wandlore, and much much more!

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Chapter 7

 A wandmaker is an individual who crafts and sells wands for Witches and Wizards. Without wandmakers, our wizarding society would have new become what it is today. The wands they craft and sell will go to young Witches and Wizards who are just beginning their magic education, or Witches or Wizards that need a replacement wand. Wands all cost seven galleons, regardless of wood or core. However, Unicorn Tail Hair wands are sold for ten galleons. The reason for the price difference is unknown, wandmakers speculate it may be due to the how the hair is cut from unicorn.

The art of wand forging is known as Wandcraft. This craft has been in use for thousands of years! Ollivander's Wand Shop was established in 382 b.c, one of the first known Wand Shops in recorded history. But, All wand shops and wandmakers vary in wand materials used, wandlore opinions, and types of wands sold. Be sure to keep this in mind if buying a wand. For not all wandmakers are honest wandmakers.


Below is a list of well known Wandmakers. Each Wandmaker is unique in their own ways and yet most have common similarities. When reviewing this list it is best to keep in mind that these Wandmakers are the ones i found in records. 

Arturo Cephalopos:

-Arturo was a wandmaker in the 19th century

-His wands were generally crafted from Silver Lime, since it was a priced wand wood at the time

-Modern day Wandmakers generally regard Him as an "ignoramus" and a poor wandmaker

-Arturo claimed that Silver Lime wands have divine powers and a holy atunement

-After years of selling poor quality wands, Arturo's wand shop went out of business

Jimmy Kiddel:

-His wand shop ( Jimmly Kiddel's Wonderful Wands) is located in a small shop in Diagon Alley in Great Britian

-Jimmy's wand shop is known to sell lesser wands that tend to be made of poor wand materials, some wands he has sold have been said to be stolen

-Generally people buy their wand's from Ollivander's Shop, due to its higher quality wands and how they treat customers

-No notable Witch or Wizard has claimed to have purchasing their wand from Jimmy's wand shop

Mykew Gregorovitch:

-A famous wandmaker who supplied wands mainly to European witches and wizards

-Died on September 2nd 1997

-Was the owner of the Elder Wand for many years, until it was stolen late one night by a mysterious stranger

-Garrick Ollivander disliked Gregorovitch's wandcrafting practing and was not fond of craftsmanship

-One of the last wands sold by Gregorovitch's Shop was to Viktor Krum

The Ollivander Family:

-The Ollivander Family has been producing wands longer than any other Family in Great Britain

-It is said that the name means ‘he who owns the olive wand’, which suggests that the original Ollivander arrived in Britain from a Mediterranean country (olive trees not being native to the UK)

-Garrick Ollivander believes that his earliest ancestors in England arrived with the Romans, and set up stall (subsequently shop) to sell to ancient British wizards whose wands were crude of construction and unreliable in performance

-The earliest known member of the family, apart from the orginal Ollivander who established the wand-making business, is Geraint Ollivander, active in the Middle Ages

-The Ollivander's Wand Shop is said to have the best quality wands available in Great Britain

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