Coleman's Book Of Wands

written by Matthew Coleman

A simple book summarizing every general topic of wands. Including Cores, Woods, History, Famous Witch's and Wizard's Wands, Wandlore, and much much more!

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Wand Cores

Chapter 3

The core of a wand is a magical substance placed within the length of wood selected for the wandcrafting process. They are generally parts extracted from some type of Magical Being, Beast, or Creature. The materials used for wand cores can vary widely, even though certain wandmakers may prefer to use only a certain few materials. Wand cores are from magical beings, beasts, or creatures for one reason, their magical properties enhance our abilities enough to cause us to gain more control and power over them. But the core can not alone give you the channeling ability, the wood used gives you the control of the magical substance of your core and your magic combined.

This is a list of known cores used in the wand crafting process, along with each type is a brief overlook of its characteristics.

Dragon heartstring:

-The most powerful core found in common wands.

-Easily adapts new spells

-These wands are the easiest to turn to the Dark Arts

-Has a chance to be temperamental and cause accidents

-The type of dragon that the heart string is collected from has unknown effects on the wands and how they act

Phoenix Feather:

-Has the ability to the learn the largest variety of spells

-These wands are hard to be chosen by, making them uncommon to see

-Tends to act on its on more often than other cores

-Due to its nature, it is one of the harder cores to tame

Unicorn Tail Hair:

-Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic

-These wands are the hardest to turn to the Dark Arts

-The most faithful wands have unicorn hair, making them bond strongly with their owner

-They are prone to melancholy if seriously mishandled, meaning that the hair may ‘die’ and need replacing.

Veela Hair:

-These wands are rarely seen, due to their very temperamental nature

-Fleur Delacour is the only known active user of a Veela Hair wand

-It is rumor that Gregorovitch produces these in Europe

-Veela Hair wands will favor witches and wizards of above average intelligence

Rougarou Hair:

-Wands containing Rougarou Hair are generally find in the Americas

-Noted that users of Rougarou Hair may have an affinity for Darks Magic

-Has slowly become more and more uncommon as time as passed

Thestral Trail Hair:

-The most powerful wand known to wizardkind uses this as the core(Elder Wand)

-Said to be a temperamental similar to Veela Hair

-Very diffucult to obtain, due to the fact that one must have witnessed death first hand to see the Thestral

 Troll Whisker:

-Considered an inferior core

-Not much is known about these cores, due to the fact they have not be used in many years

-There are rumors that in East Asian they use rare Troll Whiskers to forge their wands


-Generally only used in Europe wands, very uncommon to see

-Produced by Gregorovitch Zauberstabe

-These cores are rumored to be one of the most balanced wand types, as far as spell casting goes

-Now please remember, these are the only cores types I have personally come across. I have heard several other rumors and myths of cores, but i only used cores i could find in actually wands (either through research or interviews). If you have a wand core type not listed above, please contact the Author of this book.-

These cores types all have their own magical properties, but the wood they are placed also dictates how the wand will act. A core may only be utilized properly by having a strong wood to incase it. In further chapters we will discuss these various wand woods and even Exotic Wand cores.



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