Coleman's Book Of Wands

written by Matthew Coleman

A simple book summarizing every general topic of wands. Including Cores, Woods, History, Famous Witch's and Wizard's Wands, Wandlore, and much much more!

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How To Acquire A Wand

Chapter 2

((There is currently no way to acquire a wand in , but there are various websites that have personality tests to see what wand you would get))

As we learned in Chapter One, a Witch or Wizard must use a wand in order to properly channel their magic ability. So, in order to see what your magic is capable of, you must first acquire a wand of course! Most Witches and Wizards get their first wand when they turn eleven years old, right before they begin their magical schooling. They often times purchase their wands from a Wandmaker or Wand Shop. Among one of the finest Wand Shops in Great Britain is Ollivander's Wand Shop. It is located on the South Side of Diagon Alley and has been proudly run by the Ollivander family since 382 b.c. (In later chapters we will go into further detail on Wandmakers and Wandshops)

For some families, it is common to have a wand past down from sibling to sibling. This wand that is passed down to them may not choose to obey the new user completely at first. But over time it can adapt to the new owner. The amount of time it takes for a wand to adapt to a new owner depends on the wand's material and characteristics (Core, Wood, Length). It has been recorded that some wands have been passed down through families for centuries and never weakened in strength or casting ability! Keep in mind that stolen wands may reject their new users, causing spells to be cast improperly or even refusing to cast spells at all. But again, how fast a wand selects a new owner highly depends on what it is made from and it's personality. Some wands can change owners very quickly while others can never truly bond or obey a new owner.

There has been stories of Witches and Wizards learning to channel their magic from just the magical core, without it being place in wood and formed into a wand. Several Wandmakers I have interviewed mentioned this rumor, which made it interesting to hear from so many people form different areas around the world. But this is just a myth, for now.

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