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A simple book summarizing every general topic of wands. Including Cores, Woods, History, Famous Witch's and Wizard's Wands, Wandlore, and much much more!

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Exotic Wand Cores

Chapter 11

This is a list of Exotic Wand Cores I have gathered through years of research and wand records. Most of these cores are highly unusual and there happens to be a very small chance you will see one in your life time. But regardless this list is still useful for those who study Wandlore, for these wand cores can provide a more uncommon view of wand properties and their characteristics!

Acromantula Web:

-Great Britain banned the use of these wands in 1782

-Said to have been suited for skilled witches or wizards who had a dark future, and typically those who used these wands ended up becoming career criminals or back alley merchants of some kind

-Very skilled at casting Hexes and Dark Magic


Ashwinder Egg:

-This core is actually a common ingredient in love potions, and the eggs of an Ashwinder are usually found in the wands of those skilled in the Potions

-The witches and wizards chosen by Ashwinder wands have surmountable pride and willpower

-Ashwinder Egg wands are great for casting Charms or even Divination


Augurey Tail Feather:

-Augurey are typically also called The Irish Phoenix

-These cores were once thought to make "Dark and Evil" wands, but in reality these wands are not strong at Dark Magic and are not drawn to "Evil" witches or wizards 

-The owners of these wands are often misunderstood witches or wizards

-Wands with an Augurey Tail Feather are well suited for Charms and Divinations 


Banshee Hair:

-Banshee Hair is one the hardest wand cores obtain for wandcrafting, due to the Banshee's deadly scream 

-These wands are incapable of using healing magic

-The wands made with Banshee Hair make for a deadly dueling wands


Basilisk Skin:

-Basilisk wands are incredibly rare, as the beasts are rare to begin with and very hard to kill

-Wands made with a Basilisk Skin are typically Heirloom Wands, that have been passed down form generation to generation

-These wands will almost always bond to a Parselmouth or aspiring Dark Wizard

-Very little good comes from those who wield these wands


Billywig Stinger:

-Billywig Stinger wands typically bond well to light-hearted pranksters, and are prone to spontaneous change its mood or behavior

-These wand cores will typically produce the strongest Charms 

-Due to how easily these wands can change their mood, it will often randomly refuse to cast spell or be used at all


Boomslang Venom:

-Boomslang venom, whether crystallized or in a rarer liquid core, provides a small boost to jinxes and hexes

-These wands have a tendency to be very strong at Transfiguration

-Undertaking the process of crafting a wand with Boomslang Venom is very danger, and many Wandmakers find the risk not worth the reward


Bowtruckle Bark:

-Bowtruckle Bark does not make for the strongest wand core

-A wand with Bowtruckle Bark will boosts nature oriented spells

-These cores are best in Rowan wands, as these are the trees that Bowtruckles most commonly guard


Cherub Hair:

-Cherub hair is found in the wands of more romantically inclined witches and wizards

-These wands were once thought to be a more feminine core, but this has been found to be false. For more often than not, this wand will be a wizard's possession

-This core gives minor boosts to healing and Divination, as well as a major improvement to Charms -- particularly Glamour Charms


Chimera Scale Fragments:

-This wand core is extremely magical and powerful, compared to most common wand core types found today

-The Chimera is a rare beast to see in present day, making this wand type generally a heirloom (Family) wand.

-Witches and Wizards selected by an Chimera wand will generally have a strong ego and think very highly of themselves


Chinese Fireball Horn:

-These wand cores are not hard to come by, but seldom used in modern wandcrafting

-Most of these wands are produced in China

-Chinese Fireball Horn makes for a versatile wand that is willing to work with it's user in academics rather than dueling and extracurricular activities

-Witches and Wizards that own a Chinese Fireball Horn wand will typically become amazing potioneers or diviners


Doxy Wings:

-Doxies are very unmanageable and mean-spirited creatures, therefore the wands they produce have the same characteristics

-They are second only to basilisk wands in their ability to channel the Dark Arts

-It is also a little known fact that Doxy Wings wands cast very strong Hexes


Erumpent Hide:

-These wands are hard to find due to how hard it is to kill a Erumpent, since their skin is thick enough to repel spells

-Erumpent core wands do not take well to high levels of magic or sharp impact spells

-Very strong at Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, and Charms


Fairy Dust:

-Seldom used in modern wandcrafting, due to its lake of variety and reliability

-These wands are fairly weak, unless studying Arithmancy, Divination, or Astrology

 -If the wand feels overpowered, it will sputter and refuse to cast the spell (Unless doing Arithmancy, Divination, or Astrology)

Fairy Wings:

-This core makes for a light, airy wand, best suited for charms

-Nearly half of all witches and wizards known to have the Sight(Divination term for Inner Eye) have wands containing fairy wings

-Despite their strength in Charms, fairy wings are average in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration; failing completely when it comes to hexes


Fwooper Feather:

-Fwooper feathers are said to be a mark of ill omen for the witches and wizards they bond to

-It is rumored that once a Fwooper Feather wand bonds with its owner, it will slowly begin to drive them mad

-These wand cores are most often combined with another feather core, such as phoenix, for health, or hippogriff, for stability


Kneazle Whisker:

-Notably weak wand core

-Very nonselective of whom uses it

-Requires very high skilled users to even produce common levels of magic, when compare to Dragon Heartstring, Unicorn Hair, etc


Kelpi Hair:

-While these wands were extremely common one hundred years ago, they have since become obsolete

-These wands can natural only produce so magic at any given time

-Wands made with Kelpi Hair were known to lose magical ability overtime, becoming weaker and weaker with each casting


Manticore Stinger:

-A sting from a Manticore will cause instant death: Making it a dangerous wand core to acquire for wandcrafting

-Manticore Stinger wands give a powerful boost to the Dark Arts and Defensive magic, making it a powerful dueling wand for a dark witch or wizard

-The toxin in the stinger has a tendency to leak through the wand-wood, making it useless for brewing most poisons

-Manticore's by nature have a strong blood lust, and it will often bond to a owner with the same blood lust


Snidget Feather:

-These wand cores are extremely rare due to the Snidget's protected status 

-Wands with a Snidget Feather core excel in Charms, Potions, Dueling, and Have the ability to cast spells faster than most other wand cores

-The major draw back with this wand core is it's inability to preform proper Transfiguration spells

-These wand's will bond with a witch or wizard who has a glorious and fulfilling future ahead of them


Nogtail Tail:

-Nogtail's are very difficult to catch, which makes them rarely seen in wandcrafting

-This core will add a boost to the Dark Arts and Curses

-Witches and Wizards chosen by a Nogtail Tail wand are often very cruel individuals and have a dark future in store for them 


Wampus Cat Hair:

-The Cherokee people of North America are the only wandmakers permitted to craft Wampus Cat Hair wands

-This core is generally best suited for Witches or Wizards casting Charm spells

-Wands made with Wampus Cat Hair typically select Witches or Wizards whom are quick and nimble, either of the mind or the body


White River Monster Spine:

-Only one Wandmaker was ever said to have crafted White River Monster Spine wands, Thiago Quintana in Arkansas of North America

-Quintana was the only living person who knew how to lure the White River Monster in and obtain the Spine

-These wands were rumored to produce spells with great force and easy, giving the user an elegant look of effortlessness

-Spells requiring precise wand movements were extremely simple for Witches or Wizards using a White River Monster Spine wand



*Thunderbird Tail Feather:*

-Thunderbird Tail Feather wands have become near impossible to find in current times, due to the Thunderbird's almost extinct status

-These wands were famously difficult to master and very selective of who could wield them.

-Could produce some of the most power Transfiguration spells ever seen

-Wands with a Thunderbird Tail Feather had a sense for danger, and would preemptively cast spells to defend itself from an aggressor

*Horned Serpent Horn:*

-There are only two record Horned Serpent Horn wands ever created

-Obtaining a Horned Serpent Horn for your wand is only possible if the Horned Serpent wills you to obtain it

-Wands made with Horned Serpent Horn are exceptionally power, creating massive spell effects regards of the user's skill

-Sensitive to Parseltongue and would vibrate when Parseltounge is being spoken near it, and can warn their owners of danger by emitting a low musical tone

-These wands were said to only bond with one user through it's lifetime, but this is only a rumor for now


-This core is nearly impossible to come across, as the golden-furred Re'em itself is a rare commodity on both the open and black market scene

-Re'ems are found in North America and have been hunted to near extinction 

-When used in a wand, Re'em horns gives the user an magical enormous boost

-Even the weakest of spells are stronger than what they should be and the spells grow stronger alongside the wielder

-These wands can adapt an type of magic very quickly and with each spell used, the wand will produce the spells stronger and stronger.

-Re'em Horn wand are Heirloom wands, typically from families in the North America region (Re'ems have been said to also live in Asia, but this is not officially confirmed

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