Coleman's Book Of Wands

written by Matthew Coleman

A simple book summarizing every general topic of wands. Including Cores, Woods, History, Famous Witch's and Wizard's Wands, Wandlore, and much much more!

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An Overview Of Wands

Chapter 1

wand is a quasi-sentient magical instrument through which a Witch or Wizard channels their magical powers to centralize the effects for more complex results. Almost every spell requires the aid of a wand, though a select group of spells may be cast without the use of wand. Wandless spellcasting is very difficult and requires a high level of focus and skill; Only truly advanced Witches or Wizards are capable of using such magic. 

Magic requiring a wand is typically performed with an incantation, some may also require a certain movement or placement of the wand to channel it properly. The incantation must be spoken clearly and confidently, whilst the movement or placement of the wand must be exact. This ensures the spell's power and effectiveness are at it's highest. More experienced Witches or Wizards may have the ability to cast spells non-verbally. A nonverbal spellcast allows the spell to be concealed until cast and may thereby prevent an opponent from adequately protecting him or herself in time. 

Wands are referred to as "quasi-sentient" because they are imbued with a great deal of magic, which makes them as animate as an inanimate object can be. Wands are manufactured and sold by various Wandmakers across the world. These wandmakers all have their own preferred methods of crafting, but all generally use the same matters(which we will discuss in further detail in later chapters).

Each wand consists of two specific components, a certain type of wood and a core of magical substance. Wand wood is just as important as the core itself, it helps dictate who the wand will bound to it's user. While the core dictates the power of magic, variety of spells, and how well spells are cast. When receiving your wand, it is important to note the wood type and core. This will allow you to gauge what it's characteristics will be and how it will preform for you.

In the following chapters we will go into great detail on How to Obtain a Wand, All Wand Wood Types, All Wand Core Types, Wandmakers, and Wandlore in general. 

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