Gardiner’s Sign List: A Magical Addendum

written by Venita Wessex

Looking for a quick and easy reference for the uses of magical hieroglyhics? Look no further. Authors Arkaeus and Olin Baldric have created an excellent field guide for curse-breakers, magianthropologists, magiarchaeologists and more.

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Foreword: by Tertius Maceachern III

Chapter 1
Olin and Arkaeus Baldric, brothers from Manchester, England, have always had a passion for antiquity. Arkaeus, a ground-breaking curse-breaker, was recruited by Gringotts immediately after graduation from Hogwarts and has been involved in some of the most exciting finds of this decade, including Xunantunich and Saqqara. Meanwhile, his brother, Olin, found his true love in the history, culture of the same ancient societies his brother was exploring first-hand. It wasn’t long after Olin’s departure from Hogwarts that he was snatched up by Gringotts as well, becoming one of the first non-curse-breakers to be part of their payroll as the international bank explored the idea of adding trained specialists in other fields to compliment their typical teams. As many other specialist do today, Olin provided the teams with which he worked with valuable insights about the locales they were exploring and artefacts that were being uncovered.

After this, the pair seemed to take the world by storm. The brothers used unconventional methods and solid teamwork to expand Gringott’s influence and territories of exploration. Serving as models of efficacy, their efforts have culminated in the discovery and clearing of both the long-hidden royal tomb in Luoyang City, China and the second sunken city of Egypt: Pelusia.

Their secret weapon was their meticulous field notes, recorded by Olin and comprised of their own personal experiences and anecdotes from colleagues, which provided the most complete magical compilation of hieroglyphics to date. A year of polishing and testing theories later, the finished product is now here in your hands. While there is undoubtedly more to discover and catalog, if you are looking for a comprehensive and accessible guide to the use of magical hieroglyphs, this is it.

While it is certainly no substitute for a phonetic guide, historical accounts or a complete list of all hieroglyphics, Gardiner’s Sign List: A Magical Addendum has proven its worth many times over as the contemporary magiarchaeologist and curse-breaker’s bible, providing the benefits of their notes and experiences to the entire magical community.

-Tertius Maceachern III
Egyptologist and curse-breaker
Discoverer of the Tomb of Horemheb
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